Sunday, 30 August 2015

Monthly favourites | August 2015

Hello lovelies
can't believe its the end of August! Ive got such an exciting week ahead of me and tomorrow I will be sharing with you all what I'm going to be up to. Lets get on with this monthly favourites shall we.

Beauty product:
This month I had a fancy dress party to go to. It was themed 60's, 70's and 80's so I wanted something bright on my eyes. I used a tiny nit of this accessorize eyeshadow. I know it looks super bright but when only a tiny bit is applied, its looks really light and pretty.

Lush product;
My favourite product this month has been the comforter bubble bar. I have used this when I have been my most stressed and its really helped me relax.

I started watching Les Mis this week. I didn't watch the whole film but from what I saw of it, I loved. I knowwant to watch the whole film now and I cant wait to watch it this week.

My aunt went to Dorset on holiday and got me and my mum some fudge. It may sound really odd but I haven't had crumbly fudge like that since we went to Devon about 7 years ago. I even made chocolate and fudge muffins, which you can see here.

TV series;
Casualty has been my top program this month. Casualty is a hospital drama that we have in the UK. So much has happened this month on casualty this month. Zoe and Charlie are in a critical condition at the hospital, a secret was revealed about Louise. I cant get enough of it and I may have to watch all this months episodes again.

Book |
The hummingbird bakery cookbook has been my favourite. I have been getting back into my baking this month and this book is filled with some amazing recipes.

Sprinkle of glitter |
It seems like Louise is always my favourite youtuber. I have just been loving her content this month. She also announced that she has a clothing range with simply be! I thought she was going to do something like this and I'm so happy she has. I think I've just needed Louise a lot this month. I know I don't know her but when I'm stressed or sad I go to her videos as a comfort because she genuinely makes me so happy.

Take me to Church by hozier. I know I'm a bit late on the hype for this song but I heard it properly this month and I have been obsessed. When I say properly I mean that I actually listened to the lyrics. Sometimes I listen to a song but only her the music, I don't here the words so this song has been a real eye opener to me. 

My flower crown. I'm going to say its clothing because its the one thing that I have loved for clothing/accessory this month.  I wore this to the fancy dress party and I think its so cute. I got it from primark for £4. I will put a picture of me in the flower crown, although I won't show my face. You can have a lovely view of my awful eyebrows and this pretty flower crown. Enjoy!

This month I got my iMac and I cant tell you how much I love it. I'm writing this post on my laptop and its so weird using this now. They keyboard seems really difficult to use. I know that sounds silly but I'm used to the size of my keyboard on my mac and my laptop is much slower that the Mac. I love it so much because Ive wanted one for about 7 years and I worked hard to be able to afford it.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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