Saturday, 1 August 2015

Lush a french kiss | Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing the French kiss bubble bar. I didn't use the whole bar so I'll have enough for one more bath out of this bar. I really loved this bar and I thought it really relaxed me.
Here's what it said on lush about the bubble bar "Treat your skin to the soft herbal kisses of this fresh rosemary and lavender bubble bath. Crumble under running water for a paradisaical bath full of the lavender and rosemary scents of Southern France. Relax as your troubles bubble away and extra virgin coconut oils softens your skin.". The lavender comes through really well and it gives you gorgeous bubbles. I never used to like the smell of lavender but in the past year I have grown to love it.
This bubble bar makes me feel so calm and relaxed. This is perfect for the days when I'm really stressed. It turned the water a lilac colour which was nice but it would have loved it to be a deeper colour of purple.

Ingredient's |
I love bubble bars because you still get a great colour to you water, a fantastic smelling bath and you get bubbles. I also love the bubble bars because you only need a little bit of one so they are well
worth the money. I really want to get this bar again because this has become on of my top ten.
I would love it if lush wanted to make this into a shower gel or even a candle. This is now definitely my go to product when I'm stressed and tired. If you struggle with stress and sleep then I would suggest you try this because I think this will really help.
Sorry that this post was so short. I've been at work all week and I knackered. I'm going to be writing all of next weeks posts tonight and on Monday, as I have work 8 days in a row. I don't want to miss a post so I'm going to schedule them.
Bye for now xxx

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