Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lush Ceridwen's Cauldron | Review

Today I'm reviewing the bath melt called ceridwens cauldron. This week I am really happy to be reviewing this product. I know for the last few weeks my reviews have been saying how I don't really like the products, but this bath melt is really good.

Here's what lush say about the bath melt "If your skin is feeling a little dry and sensitive, or you’ve always fancied bathing like Cleopatra, this oaty, milky melt will work magic. Drop the muslin pouch into your bathwater and watch it release its creamy oatmilk, turning the water a creamy colour. Once it has melted, use the bag as a washcloth and enjoy the spellbinding scent of frankincense, rose and sandalwood.". I really loved this bath melt because it make my skin feel nice and soft when I got out of the bath.

Ingredients | 
I actually thought this was a bath bomb when I got it, but its actually a bath melt which is eve better. its in this little muslin cloth because it has oats in it. This is supposed to keep all the porridge oats in the cloth so that they don't get in your bath water. I didn't use all of the bath melt because I think it will last about 3 or 4 baths. It turned the bath a creamy colour and it smelt lovely. It was basically like I was sitting in a bath of lovely porridge, which sounds weird but it was really nice and it was nice to just relax.

The only annoying thing about this product was that when it melted in the bath, it left little black specs that look a little bit like pepper. I don't mind but I didn't think it would do this so I panicked and thought they were tiny little spiders. 

Have you tied this bath melt? 

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