Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I treated myself |


So today is rather exciting for me. After working by big bum off for months, I have finally saved enough to get myself an iMac. I'm not telling you this to brag. I'm including this in the post because my mac is the one thing I really wanted and I'm going to be getting software so I can edit my pictures well. Have a much more reliable computer that I can write my post on and hopefully, because its a desktop I can't break it as easily and it might keep me a little more focused as I tend to lay in bed with my TV on and it get distracted far to easily.

I also got a free pair of beats headphones with my mac. Yes I know it was only for students, its just one of the perks of having an older sister at uni. While we got my computer we also did a bit of shopping, so its safe to say I did make a few more unnecessary purchases. I got some Hogwarts slippers because my feet will get cold in winter (There was logic behind that purchase) and I also got three star lights from primark because ones sitting on my desk and the other two are going on my shelves when I decorate (Yes I finally decided how I'm going to decorate my room, a post will be coming shortly about that. Below I'll pop a picture of the lights I got.
While we were out shopping my mum and dad treated me and my sister to wagamama's. Our waiter was so lovey and he clearly fancied my sister as he kept flirting with her and he didn't add the drinks onto our bill. 

Another thing that's been happening is work and lots of it. Because one of the women is off sick my manager needed me to do extra shifts, which is fine because then I can save for big purchases like my mac. I have just finished doing 8 shifts in a row. I would say its been stressful, my job is far from stressful but its just been draining. Trying to keep up with my blog posts, family and everything else has just got to me. All the little stresses of life have just been there constantly over the last week and its nice to have a day away from it all

I'm at work tomorrow but then I get Friday and Saturday off. I'm going to my work friends party that her and  her sister are having. So that should be a good night.

I'll see all you lovely people on Friday for my film review.

Bye for now xxx

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