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The blog planner | Review


A few weeks ago I purchased this wonderful blog planner. I wanted to write a review for you as I think this is the perfect planner for all you bloggers out there. As most of you know, I’m addicted to stationery. I love a nice pad and pen to write down my thought. I have been using old notebooks to write down plans for blog posts and other blog related things. As pretty as my notebooks are, I wanted something that was just for my blog and that would make it easier for me to plan my posts.

I saw this twitter and I instantly fell in love. It’s from a company called the bloggers planner. I had a look on their website and decided that I needed this handy little planner in my life. On the website there are a few options to choose from, you can get a to do list planner, a content planner, menu planner and a few more. I chose the bloggers planner because it was perfect for what I need. They also have the option to create your own planner which is a really cool addition. 

My planner cost £34.99 but I did have a discount code which made it about £32 including postage. I know that may seem a lot for a pad but the amount of money I have spent on notebooks to write blog stuff in, is much more than that and I have found that this is well worth the money.

I have put pictures below, so for each picture I'll talk a little more about what's inside this gorgeous planner.

The front of the planners can have one of the phrases that they offer or you can choose your own. I loved all the little sayings that they had but I wanted this to be personal to my blog, so that’s why I got Professional Daydreamer printed on the front. It also says in tiny writing 2015/2016. This planner goes from July 2015 to July 2016.

When you open to planner, there is a section to write who the book belongs to. I have shown that as I have my full name on it. The next pages have this yearly calendar which is really handy as I have been crossing off each day and putting hearts round the important dates.

The next double page has one side for personal goals and one side for professional goals. There is a list of ten which you can make your own. Below I have taken a picture of my goals so feel free to be nosey.

Here I have my personal and professional goals. I have already achieved one of them because I got mentioned on Sprinkle of glitter's blog!

Each month starts with a little saying which is quite motivational. I really love this aspect of the planner. On the next page it also has a blank space for you to jot ideas for the month down of draw pictures for what you’re planning.

You then have three pages with the days of the week on. Each day has some space to write what you are going to do and it also has a little to do list for each day. On the last page it has a section for highlights of the weeks and a little don’t forget to section.

Now these two photos represent my favourite part of the planner. I like to call it my blogging hub. All the weeks posts fit nicely into this and it is so handy. I have found that with this, I’m so much more productive with my plan and I know exactly what I need to do.

 It gives you space to write the title of your post, the day and time you are going to publish it. What category it’s in, what content you’re going to include. A to do section, what your tags and keywords are for the post and the last part which I adore. The checklist. I find this so useful in knowing what I need to do. It has a box for draft, visuals, edited, scheduled, published, and all social media that you can publish to. This is really handy because I normally just use twitter but it reminds me of other social media platforms that I can promote my blog. There is also a little section to write why you love the content.

The look back section is really handy because it has a page for favourite and one for hauls. This is really good for me because I like to keep track of my favourites for the month.

The last part is really good. For me the income section doesn’t really apply as I don’t make any money from my blog. It would be handy for work but I don’t see the need to use it. It has a part for outgoings and saved so this is hand y for me as I’m saving up for an apple Mac. I like the fact that you can track yours stats for blog views and other bits like that.

Overall I love this planner. It’s made me more productive with my blog and it’s so nice to be able to plan a few months in advance. If you don’t mind parting with your money then I would urge you to buy this planner. See it more as an investment into your blog if you’re serious about it. 

Also they are doing a sorbet collection for a few weeks so I tweeted and they kindly offered to make me a planner for July 2016 to July 2017 in the gorgeous berry pink colour. Obviously I’m paying for it but they said they could make me one for next year, as the colour collection isn’t going to be around for long. 

I will leave all the links below for you to look at their websites | 

Do you like these planners and would you consider buying one? Let me know in the comments.
 Bye for now xxx

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