Monday, 27 July 2015

My latest amazing purchases | Boring haul*


I have gone a little mad on Amazon in the last month and have got quite a few bits. I thought I would share with you what I got, so if you want to be nosey then stick around.

 I also want to say that I’m not doing this to be a show off. I wanted to share with you my recent purchases. I worked to get the money to pay for it and even though I got a lot I don’t normally spend this much.

If you are interested in getting any of the bits I mention. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the amazon page where I got them.

 The first thing I got wasn’t for me as you can probably tell. I got this little walk vest for my bunny as she had a cut on her back that she was scratching. This meant the wound was opening and getting infected. I got this to stop her scratching and it did a very good job. Her back has now completely healed and she’s one very happy bunny. 
This was £5.85 which I thought was a pretty decent price.

The next thing I got was Beauty and the beast on blu ray. I have loved this film for years and Belle is one of my favourite princesses. I must tell you how amazing the quality is, well worth investing in a blu ray player.
The was only £10.

On the same order I also got tangled on blu ray. I really love the film and it looks stunning on blu ray. 

This was £9.39. 

My rabbit needed to go to the vet because of the cut on her back so I needed to get something to carry her in. I thought a cardboard box which I had previously taken her in just screamed bad pet owner. So I looked around and found this carrier. It’s really easy to put together and it was quite cheap.

This was £8.98. 

Sticking with the Disney blu ray theme. I had to get myself this set. I love toy story and I can’t tell you how excited I was to get this and watch all three in one day....Yes that did actually happen.

This was only £19.99. 

Yes, you are seeing this right. I did buy M&M's online. I really wanted to try the pretzel ones and we don’t have this flavour in the UK, well we do but only at sweet shops that sell American sweets. So it’s pretty unlikely that I was going to get any near where I live. I have fallen in love with them and if someone wants to send me a big box of these...Well that would be very much appreciated.

 These were £1.29. 

Finding nemo was next on the list of Disney films I wanted. I remember going to the cinema to see this when I was little and I loved it. 

This was £7.99. 

My rabbit has the supreme bunny food and she always clears her food bowl. I wanted to try my guinea pig on the same brand. Cinnamon is such a fussy easy and with the food she normally has, she leaves all the bits she doesn’t want to eat. It’s frustrating because I know that she’s not getting all the nutrients she needs. I wanted to try a small bag first so I got the 1.5kg bag. She scoffs this down like there’s no tomorrow and she always clears the bowl. If any of you have guinea pigs that are fussy eaters. Try this because cinnamon loves it.

 This was £3.99. 

My rabbit fearne has been eating this food since I got her and she loves it. The pet shop that sells it charges £5 for 1.5kg so I got a 10kg bag on Amazon for £16.99. It works out a lot cheaper for me as she eats quite a lot. 

This was only £16.99. 

Another odd purchase from me. You see my room is a mess and my mum’s says it’s a floordrobe. When I need to put clothes in the wash I just chuck them on the floor. I know it’s really bad and messy. I wanted something small that I can just throw everything in. This is actually working for me and I can see my floor now.

 This was £1.69. 

After trying my guinea pig on the small bag, I decided to get her the 10kg bag while it was on special. This will last her a good few months at least and it’s well worth the money for me.

This was £19.89. 

I have a love for torchwood that will never die. I had to get this on blu ray and I got all the series in one box set. I was really happy with this.

This was only £26.99. 

I don’t drink enough water during the day so I found this 2 litre bottle which is really good. I have found that with this I know drink enough water and I can pop this in the fridge to keep it cold while I’m out.

This was £14.99. 

The last thing I purchased this month was What if? I love this film and the whole subject. I would highly recommend this to you all. I did a review of this film which you can see right here.

This was only £8.99.

I hope you enjoyed that post.
Bye for now xxx

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