Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lush sex bomb | Review

Today’s lush review is of the sex bomb bath bomb. I have very mixed feelings about this bath bomb. I wanted to try this for a few years and I was quite excited when I ordered it. When it arrived I was a little underwhelmed because it just had a classic bath bath bomb smell. It wasn’t bad but then again the most amazing thing ever. 

The bath bomb its self made the bath a lovely shade of pink which was really pretty but I was a little worried that it would stain the bath. Luckily it didn’t so that was a bonus. It had a little rose on top which was made of this weird stuff. I don’t really know what it was made of but I can only describe it like rice paper, the sweet.

Here’s what lush says about the products “When you’ve got that feeling - tired, stressed out and anxious - you need some sensual healing. The fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage will soon have you relaxed and feeling in the mood... Jasmine is an ancient aphrodisiac, used as a sensual perfume in India for centuries and in aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety. Clary sage clears the mind, while ylang ylang is renowned for soothing worries.” 

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I did like the bath bomb but I don’t think I will purchase it again. Unfortunately I just don’t think this is the product that I’ve heard everyone praise. I feel like if it has a slightly nice smell then I would adore this product. Obviously this is just my opinion, you might love it and that great but for me, well I love the lush scents like comforter and snow fairy. One thing I would say is that this is quite a big bath bomb, so if you broke this up then you could get three maybe four baths out of this bath bomb. So if you like making thing last like me, this is a very good thing indeed.

 What do you think of the sex bomb bomb? Let me know in the comments. 

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