Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lush King of skin | Review

I just want to start of by saying that this is only a short post today, I'm really sorry but Ive had quite a stressful few days and that had meant that Unfortunately my blog has had to suffer a little.

This week’s lush product is the king so skin bar. I had been after this for ages after hearing Tanya burr chatting about it. I must say, I thought she was just over selling the product but I can understand her love for it now.

Here's what it says on the lush website about the king of skin bar, "If your skin needs some nourishment, this yummy-smelling blend of bananas, avocados, oat milk and butters will come to your rescue. Avocado's nourishing unsaturated oils get to work with banana's natural emollients and oat milk’s antihistamines to give soothed and hydrated skin. Just smooth the bar over clean, wet skin and rinse off to let the bar reign supreme over its dehydrated subjects.” I must say, this smells so lovely and it's full of brilliant ingredients. 

Here is the list of ingredients | 

I used this bar just after I got out of the bath when my skin was still warm. It was really easy to apply to my skin and I didn't use that much, which I was surprised as there was quite a wide surface area to cover. When I had it on for ten minutes I then rinsed it off and it left my skin feel really nourished and healthy. I loved this product not only because of the smell, but because it has shea butter in it. Shea butter does wonders for my skin and leaves me feeling pampered after every use.

I really didn’t think I would like this bar as I hate bananas and I thought it would have a really strong smell. It’s actually quite a light fragrance which is really subtle and gorgeous. It cost £5.75 which is a little high priced for me but I can see the benefits of using this product so I will be getting myself one for a treat now and then.  

That's about it from me today, sorry it was a short post. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of my blog planner.

Bye for now xxx

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