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So when I go paid I went on a little online shopping spree. On this online spree I may have purchased a little to much from lush, well can you ever actually own enough lush products? No, my thoughts exactly. If you want to get any of the products I have mentioned, click the image and it will take you to the lush page for it. I wont be able to give you the link for the milky bath bubble bar as unfortunately it was a lush kitchen exclusive. Also I just want to quickly mention that lush are doing a #GAYISOKAY campaign which is amazing. Please go over to their site to read more about this.

Now I cant tell you how excited I was for my delivery. I was so excited that I actually tracked my delivery man on his rounds. Lush gave me the code to do so, I didn't stalk the man...well maybe just a little. Now after many hours tracking his deliveries online he finally arrived with my heavenly scented box of lush goodies and without further ramblings, here's what was inside.

From this picture it looks like there's not much but it was a bit like a dairy milk tray, you think there's just one layer and the pure joy when I found more underneath was a little to much excitement for me.

The first product I got was supposed to be the only thing I got online. I always have my eye on the lush kitchen in hope that they are making a small bath of the Oxford street exclusives. Lucky for me the had the milky bath bubble bar which I was desperate to get after watching Emma Blackery's video. It was in the normally lush bag, a polaroid of the man making it (Thank you peter) and it was wrapped in a gorgeous craft papery goodness (Sorry my stationery obsessive side took over there). This smells really good but it is a little on the small side. I don't mind but it was £3.75. The pictures just a few images below.

Milky bath £3.75

 The cupcake face mask was next on my list of must haves. I must say, I was really looking forward to this and I'm really disappointed with it. Granted its meant for oily skin and mines more combination, but its quite a powerful smell which is okay but its not that chocolaty in my opinion. It also made my skin very itchy and gave me a lot of redness on my face. Other face masks I've tried from lush have been fine even if they weren't meant for my skin type. I'm glad I tried it though because at least now I know for next time. If you want to try this or any of the masks I would recommend going into a store, if you can get to one, and asking for a little sample. The ladies and men in lush are super helpful and I'm sure they wouldn't mind, its your skin after all and they want you to find a product that's right.

Cupcake face mask 75g £6.50

Next on my list was my new favourite lush product. I've mentioned this a few times on my blog because I adore this product. The love lettuce face mask is perfect for my skin, its smells like lavender which makes me really chilled out and really sleepy (That's good for me as I'm like bear in hibernation when I sleep, if I could I would spend my whole like snuggled in my bed ready to doze off to dreamland), This always makes my skin feel amazing, I think it makes it look better I mean I still think I look ugly but it makes me look a tad better.

Love lettuce face mask 75g £6.50

A french kiss bubble bar managed to find its way into my basket and I'm really happy it did. I never used to like lavender but since I've got a little older I love the stuff. I haven't used this yet but I cant wait to crumble this into my bath. Its smells great and looks so pretty.

A french kiss £4.25

Honey bee has been a bath bomb that I have wanted to get for years but \i always forget it. I really like the smell and I cant wait to pop this in my bath. I will be doing reviews on the products once a week so hopefully a review for this will be up soon.

Honey bee £3.35

You've been mangoed has always been a lush product that's confused me a little. I haven't tried it before but apparently you pop this in the bath and it melts releasing mango butter and good stuff for your skin. This smells okay, I don't know why but I thought it smelt different. I;ll let you all know what I think.

You've been mangoed £3.35

I haven't got myself a yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon in months. I actually forgot how lovely it smell. I cant wait to crumble this lovely little bubble bar into my bath. It smells so good, so good that you could actually eat it. Don't eat it obviously, I don't want a law suit on my hands where one of you have tried a little bit and got ill. So yeah, it smells good enough to eat but no matter how tempting don't eat it, ha ha.

Yuzu and cocoa £3.65

I have a very big obsession with the butterball and the butter bear that lush bring out at Christmas. These butterballs may seem plain and simple but I cant tell you how good they are. the smell fantastic, they have cocoa butter in them and they make your skin feel so beautiful. I ended up being 4 of them and my aunt got me a few more. So its safe to say I'm fully stocked up on these little gems for the next few months.

Butteball £2.65

After watching so many Tanya Burr videos raving about how goof the king of skin bar is, I finally gave in and got one. It smells really good, its fully of banana and other nice things. I cant wait to try this on my skin and see if it really is the most amazing thing from lush.

King of skin £5.75

Space girl bath bomb has always been a favourite of mine. It smells like grapefruit so its really refreshing to pop in your bath. I also love the colour it makes the water. It has a little glitter in it as well that makes your bath look all shiny and spacey (I think its a word...I'm not entirely sure but as you well know on this blog, if a word sounds good in my head, its put out there for the world to read).

Spacegirl £2.35

I haven't had a phoenix rising bath bomb in years. I love the smell but I have to be in the right mood to pop this in my bath. I'll probably use this when I'm feeling christmassy. This smell always reminds me of autumn and it makes the bath a beautiful deep purple and it has a little gold shimmer that's perfect for a cosy night in.

Phoenix rising £3.35

Sex bomb bath bomb is one that I've always avoided. I think I've always been to embarrassed to buy it because it has the word sex in it. I'm quote bad like that, anything to do with sex is said in a Miranda type hushed voice (People in the UK will understand that but for those who don't there's a show in England called Miranda and its really funny and she cant say words relating to sex unless its in a hushed tone). Well I really went on a little tangent there didn't I. I really like the smell even though its a little overpowering. This wont be one I'll used when I have a headache but I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the bath.

Sex bomb £3.35

Fizzbanger is one that I've heard great reviews about. I know I'm going to love it based on the fact that it has popping candy in it. I also really love the smell of this one. I feel like this is a summery cinders so I cant wait to use this in a bath.

Fizzbanger £3.35

The blackberry bath bomb just looked like it would turn the water an awesome blue colour. I'm not overly in love with the smell, its not bad but its not really what I would normally go for. It looks good though. I let you all know what I think.

Blackberry bath bomb £3.25

The avobath bath bomb smells like avocado which I don't mind, but or some reason I thought this one was going to smell like aloe vera. I don't know where I got that idea from. It smells nice and I'm looking forward to see if it makes the bath green or if lush have added a secret colour in the middle.

Avobath £3.35

I couldn't place an order without ordering the comforter. I love this bath bomb for so many reasons. It smells like ribeana, makes the bath pink and gives incredibly sparkly bubbles.

The comforter £4.75

I have proudly displayed all my lush goodies on my heart cake stand. Yes I have a cake stand in my room, just for any emergency cakes I need to eat and I need a nice place to put them.

I hope you enjoyed that lush haul. In no way was I doing this post to show off, I love reading posts like this and this is a treat that I will make last for months.

Bye for now xxx

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