Monday, 6 July 2015

LIfe with a sprinkle of glitter | I met Louise


Yesterday was quite a bit day for me and if you follow me on twitter then you may already know what it is. For those of you who don't know, I went to meet Louise Pentland a.k.a Sprinkleofglitter at her book signing in blue water shopping centre. I want to talk to you all about my day and the magical moment when I met my role model.

The day started of very dull and dreary, it was really raining where I live and it was a little humid outside. After getting ready and choosing what to wear for a good half an hour I settled on my jeggings, a pink floaty blouse and a black and white floral kimono jacket thing. I tucked the blouse in and pulled it out a little to make it look a bit more...well I don't actually know what I wanted it to look like. I just thought it was to long when I had the jacket on so I needed to make them level and I think I pulled it off okay. I wore a light jacket because I hate my arms. They are just to big and its a good job considering how many dirty looks I got throughout the day with the jacket on. God knows what people would have said if I didn't have the jacket. 

We set off to blue water about 9.30 because I wasn't going to be late to the singing, Louise was but not late so I'll let her off considering she was one of the most lovely, special women I have ever met.
We got there about 10ish and it was still really badly raining. Luckily the shopping centre was actually open, so my dad took me and my mum to bills. Which was the loveliest restaurant I've been to and our waiter so lovely. She was called Clara, I think, and out meal was so delicious. I had a bacon roll and a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a flake. There was also a really pretty wall lamp in the booth we were sitting in. I really want one for my room as it was just so cute.

Once we had eaten me and my mum went to join the queue. My dad went and looked in some shops, got himself a new coat and got my mum some molten brown bath bits. We queue for about and hour and a half which wasn't to bad actually. Once the signing started, the queue moved a lot quicker. We got out ticket's scanned and got our wristband's. My mum as really worried that she was the only older women getting a book signed but I think she soon got over that. We also got our books when we were in the queue so I had a good flick through while we were waiting. The dedication page is the sweetest thing in the world. Oh and also I went into waterstones before I joined the queue as I had a signed copy of Giovanna Fletcher's book reserved. I was so happy when I got it and I cant wait to start reading it.

When we finally got in to see Louise, we were told that we were allowed to take pictures but not posed. I saw a few girls before be quickly get their parents to get a snap of them with Louise, so I'm sorry to say that that's what I did to. When I went up to Louise she was so chatty and friendly. She asked how I was, asked if the women who was taking a photo was my mum and thanked my mum for bringing me to the signing. She also said they she loved my top and jacket and how it looked really lovely. That meant everything to me. Its so silly but I felt so self conscious, all the small built girls around me and I felt so big and ugly. Louise saying that it looked nice and that I did meant the world to me and I was holding back  few happy tears. She wont read this, but Louise you really made me feel special and good about myself. That's something no one has ever done and I am so happy I met you.

After all the excitement I nipped into Starbucks and got myself a mango passion fruit frappĂ© to calm myself down. We went and met my dad and then we went to Disney store. I also walked past lush and resisted the urge to go in, I know my dad hates lush and I didn't want to put him through the experience, ha ha. He then dragged me into lush as he knows how much I love it.

I had such an amazing day, I feel like one of my dreams has now been fulfilled. I really wanted to thank Louise for putting me in her amazing advertisers section but my mum was there and she would have then worked out that I have this blog. But thank you Louise. Also I saw Dom which was really lovely, he was a really lovely man and thank you for letting me take a quick picture with Louise, it meant the world to me.

Here's the book and the poster which I know have proudly next to my desk underneath my dream big poster.

Bye for now xxx

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