Wednesday, 29 July 2015

LIfe update | July 2015

In the last month my life has got a little bit busy. As some of you may know, I turned 18 on Sunday and I will be doing a "What I got for my 18th" post if you would be interested in that. Work has got a little more busy as the Summer holidays have begun. My job isn't hard but my manager has started giving me overtime because we are getting a lot more customers and she needs more people in. I'm not complaining about the overtime. She knows I'm saving up for an iMac so I'm glad of the extra money.
In a few weeks I'm working 8 days in a row...I'm going to be shattered but I'm not going to let it stop me blogging. My posts just might be up at weird times on my post days, so just bare with me for now. Speaking of work, everyone there has kept asking me the same question "How do you feel now you're 18?". I never know how to answers because in all honesty I don't feel any different. I can now legally drink and buy alcohol and that is a big thing for some people. I'll tell you a little secret, the thing I was most excited about was opening an eBay account. I know, I'm the height of excitement! I guess even though I know its a significant age to reach I haven't done anything in the past 18 years for reaching 18 to be an achievement.
For my 18th my mum and dad took me to see inside out. Before you ask, yes it was absolutely incredible and I want to go and see it again. I know that everyone else either has a massive party or goes out with their friends but for me it was special to go out with my mum and dad and do something just the three of us. I did feel a little guilty because my sister was at the gym.
Another life update for you. While I'm writing this I have a piece of glass embedded in my foot so I had my foot in a bowl of warm bubbly water, my mums sure it will help but her medical knowledge normally only goes as far as "put a cold sock on it" and that's for all illnesses or injury's. I'm not holding out for a miracle but I'm hoping that it comes out soon as in an hour I have to be at work and I'll be on my feet all day.
Oh and one last thing. I'm sure if you follow me and Lou on twitter you will know that I was offered to read the first chapter of her book. I was offered to read it, I love Lou's writing and the fact that she wanted me to read her first chapter was really lovely and made me feel a tad emotional. Long story short. It was fantastic and I cant wait for her to release her book into the world and share more of her fantastic writing with you lovely lot.
Bye for now xxx

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