Friday, 3 July 2015

Film review | Maleficent

A few months ago I got Maleficent which I was really excited about. I loved sleeping beauty when I was a little girl and this is the story of Maleficent. I really loved the film because it had a twist at the end. At first it seem a little slow going but once Maleficent had her wings taken from her it got so much better.

Here's what its says online about the film "As a beautiful young woman of pure heart, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) has an idyllic life in a forest kingdom. When an invading army threatens the land, Maleficent rises up to become its fiercest protector. However, a terrible betrayal hardens her heart and twists her into a creature bent on revenge. She engages in an epic battle with the invading king's successor, then curses his newborn daughter, Aurora -- realising only later that the child holds the key to peace in the kingdom."

I I really enjoyed this film as it was showing why Maleficent became who she was and it shows an alternate ending to the original story of sleeping beauty. The acting in this film was superb and the element of magical creatures was brilliant, it was all brought together really well and made me think twice about the original story of sleeping beauty. It also opened up a whole thought process of all other Disney villains, what was their back story and I enjoyed thinking up different stories for each of the villains.

Even though I loved the twist at the end, I didn't like the fact that Auroras dad is killed. I feel like this contradicted the original story and even though it was the story of maleficent, I feel like they shouldn't have killed off characters that were alive and well at the end of sleeping beauty. its a small thing but I feel like it contradicts the story its based on. The twist was however one of the best I've seen since frozen. In the original story it was said that Aurora would wake to true loves kiss, she does but its not who you think. It turns out to be maleficent's kiss on auroras forehead that wakes her from her death like sleep. I feel like this is an amazing twist on the original. Maleficent grew to love Aurora like her own and it showed a motherly type love which was so lovely to see.

I would recommend this to any Disney fan. I feel like you would have to watch sleeping beauty before hand to see what maleficent is like in the film, I feel like then it will be a better surprise to see why she became like that.

Have you seen Maleficent? What were your thoughts on the twist of a classic Disney film?

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