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Ed Sheeran Concert | Wembley 10th July 2015


So as some of you may know, my mum got me a ticket for Ed Sheeran for an early birthday present. I've know about it for ages as I was the one who ordered them. I can’t tell you how excited I was to go and see Ed Sheeran perform live. I adore his music and I think he has incredible talent. 

I thought I would chat to you about the day and then talk about the concert. I did get some pictures and videos but they are really awful as I got stuck behind a really tall man. I will upload them so you can see the pictures and videos, just don’t expect brilliant quality.

The gates didn’t open until 4.30pm on Friday so I was planning on getting there around 4pm. Me, my sister and her friends all had standing tickets so I wanted to get as close as possible. Because I was going with my sister it meant that we wouldn’t be getting there at the time I wanted. We got on the train to London at 3.30pm and it took us an hour to get to Fenchurch Street. My sister then decided to get to Wembley stadium another way. It’s fine though, we got there at 6.30pm. As much as I moaned about the time, we missed Foy Vance who wasn’t that good and I wasn’t bothered about seeing. We also got pretty good standing areas. In that I mean we were pretty close to the stage. Maybe about 60 or 70foot away.


One republic started at 7.10pm and ended at about 8pm. I always here there music but never know it’s them, if that makes sense. I thought they were absolutely amazing and their song, secrets is now a new favourite of mine. Also the cello play was very good looking and had amazing hair.

Ed Sheeran came on at 8.30pm and it as amazing. He started with I'm a mess, which was absolutely incredible. The crowd participation was amazing. The only bad thing was that me and my sister got stuck next to the drunk girl and behind a bunch of really tall people. The set list was great. He played most of his latest album and a few from his first. 

Here’s the set list for anyone who's interested.
'I’m a Mess'
'Lego House'
'Take It Back' / 'Superstition' / 'Ain't No Sunshine'
'Tenerife Sea'
'Don’t/No Diggity/Nina'
'I See Fire'
'Don’t Go Breaking My Heart'
'Afire Love'
'Give me Love'
'I Was Made To Love Her'
'Thinking Out Loud'
'A Team'
'You Need Me'

 The most amazing part of the night had to be when Ed announced that he had a special guest. I thought maybe Ellie Goulding, Taylor swift or Example. I didn’t expect......Elton John. Yep! You heard right, Ed Sheeran had Elton John as a special guest. I felt star stuck. I mean there were two of the UK's finest musicians on one stage. They played don’t go breaking my heart, which I have put a video of below. They then played afire love. This is one of my favourite songs on the album. I still can’t get over that he was there. It was such a special moment and the crowd went wild.

 Here are the rest of the pictures from the night.

The concert finished at about 10.30pm. We then got stuck in sea of people between Wembley stadium and the tube station. We didn’t get on the tub until 11.15pm and then we still had to change at a few stations. We got on the last train home with ten minutes to spare. I was very worried that we weren’t going to be able to get the train but lucky for me, it was all fine in the end. I got in at about 2am and I had to be up at 7am to be in work for nine. I’m still catching up on sleep as I’ve been at work all weekend.

It was such an incredible night and I would definitely go again. I hope he does another show next year as I can’t wait. Such an amazing night. Also I thought he used backing music as well as his guitar. I was impressed to find out that he didn’t, it was just him, a microphone, guitar and a loop pedal. It was such an incredible performance.

Did any of you got to the concert? Let me know in the comments.

Bye for now xxx

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