Monday, 29 June 2015

Monthly favourites | June

Its seems like only yesterday that I was writing my monthly favourites for May and I only just remembered to write this one. I have had a bit of a busy month, I've got some lovely products and I've been baking a little as well.

Beauty product:
One of my beauty favourite's this month has been my Barry M clear nail varnish. This is something so simple but its been a life saver for me. At work were not allowed to wear nail varnish, which is understandable but at home I need something on my nails to stop me biting them and to strengthen them just a little. This one is really good and it makes my nails look and feel a lot healthier.

Lush product;
I went a little bit mad on the other week and ended up buying myself a lot of lush goodies. My favourite this month had been the butterball. I feel like I go on about this way to much, I just love it and it makes my skin feel incredible.

I don't know if you could class this as a film but because it over 60minutes, I'm saying it is. Doctor who: Time of the doctor has been my favourite this month. I got a blu ray DVD player last week and  it makes my Doctor who DVDs look slightly better. I'm telling you now, you haven't experienced a regeneration until you've watched it in near 1080p. Brilliant acting, storyline and such an emotional goodbye to the one and only Matt Smith. One of my favourite Doctors of all time. Sorry I'm really fangirling now so I'll leave this segment by saying " Raggedy man, goodnight". 

The green soft mints. A little weird I know, but I have created a little blog box where everything I have for my blog goes in. I have my blog schedule book, my blogging ideas book. Current books I'm reading and other bits and pieces that have bit about my blog in them. I also keep a little snack in there for when I'm writing and I love having a soft mint or two while I'm typing away. I might do a little blog box tour to show you exactly where I hide everything blog related, you all know that I haven't told my family about this blog so this is where they would never thing to look when they are being nosey.

TV series;
Top gear. Now if you live in the UK then you will know the situation around top gear. I know what Jeremy Clarkson did was wrong but you have to admit that he was a brilliant host of top gear. Last night was the final top gear on BBC2 that featured Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. It was of course brilliant and I cant wait to see what they all do in the future.

I'm still reading Carries book which is really really good, I just haven't really had time to read properly this month. I did got my copy of blog 365 which has some really great blog post ideas. I would highly recommend this to you if you struggle sometimes to think of things to write about.

Sprinkle of Glitter
You all know how much I love Louise, well I have developed a greater love for this lovely lady this month. I have been loving all her videos and I cant wait for her book to come out. I feel like I have so much respect for Louise. Unlike other youtubers, she still keeps her blog going strong and writing amazing content for us sprinklerinos. I think she is such a humble person and one of my biggest inspirations to follow my dreams.

I have been Adele mad this month. I have loved Adele since I heard chasing pavements in 2007, I think. Well I have been listing to her albums on repeat all month and Ive fallen in love with her music all over again. I always listen to Adele but I have been loving going back to her first album and listening to the incredible songs on it. My favourite has to be first love and daydreamer. They are just so beautiful and so relatable, especially the song called first love. I have also been loving Meghan Trainor's song dear future husband. I think its just so cool and I have spend many an hour singing that at the top of my voice, badly I might add.

I got two new tops this month, I know that's not a lot for some people but I never get myself new clothes. I don't normally get new clothes because I hate the way I look in almost everything, luckily for me I found some lovely tops in new look inspire. I got a lovely sleeveless blouse in pink and a nice white top with little elephants on it. They are both a really light material so they are perfect for the hot weather where having here in the UK.

We had a little family gathering on Saturday and it was so lovely spending time all together. I see my family a lot but at different times, so it was so nice to have everyone together. We had an amazing Indian take away and I sat and played xbox with my cousin. I don't spend as much time as I would like to with him, I guess I just feel like he's growing up and he won't want to spend time with me because I don't really know what he likes doing. It was was nice to sit and do something that he enjoyed, I wasn't much help  but it was lovely to spend so quality time with him. He's growing up so fast, I remember when he was born, I remember cuddling him for the first time and its scary that he's growing into a young man. I cant wait to see the amazing man he becomes, I think he thinks we forget about him but I love him and the rest of my cousin with all my heart and I feel I need to tell them all more.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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