Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I got tickets | Sprinkle Of Glitter

I got tickets to go to Louise's book signing, I will talk about that a little more later in the post. So if you want to wait then here's whats been happening over the last few days. Also a few weeks ago I purchased advertising space on sprinkle of glitter and it finally got approved today. I cant tell you how emotional I got seeing my blog logo on her website. I know I paid to be there but she had the decision as to whether she wanted it there, and she said yes. Pop over to her sight to see my logo on the sidebar!

On Saturday I was working and unfortunately for me I got stuck working in the staff canteen. I hadn't done this before and it was really lonely, I had no one to chat to when it was quite and I felt really uncomfortable. Luckily I was only there until 1pm so I could go home and put my feet up. While I was at work I happened to mention to a women I work with that if they needed me to come in early on Sunday, I could move some bits around (In other words, I could get up earlier than 11am) and come in early to help. Thankfully she thought it was a fantastic idea and that meant I would have a few more hours on the blessed Sunday that pays time and a half.

Onto Sunday now where I was supposed to be working 1-5pm, but because I'm so lovely I agreed to come in and do 9-5pm. While this meant extra penny's in my bank, it also meant more pain in my feet. It wasn't to bad doing a full day. I mean I haven't  done a full day since I worked full time, it wasn't that bad but I spent the whole morning making toast. We worked out yesterday that on Sunday I must have made over 300 slices. Yep, I'm sick of the sight of toast and wont be making any for a good few days. Because I was on the late that meant I had to do the clean of the place I work. Its normally fine but I slipped near the dishwasher, fell right onto my bum and knocked my head on the dishwasher on the way down, OUCH! I'm in a lot of pain but yesterday my sister went into work and told my manager that I fell over (What a concerned and lovely sister I have) and that meant I got the easy jobs on Monday.

Today? Well today I'm going shopping with my mum to get some paint, wrapping paper that I'm going to use as wallpaper and more decorative bits and pieces because I'm re decorating my room, and of course I will be doing a separate post on that. I should also add that while me and my mum are shopping, we will be having a cinnabon as its like a little tradition me and my mum have now. We go shopping and get a nice sweet treat to make the day a little bit better.

Now onto my exciting news about meeting Louise (Sprinkler Of Glitter).

As you all should know by now, I love and admire Louise Pentland, a.k.a Sprinkle Of Glitter so I was super excited when she announced that she was bring out a book. Bare in mind that this was a few months ago and before I started my new job. I have been sending Louise little tweets here and there asking about dates for a book tour and today I finally got the answer I was waiting for. Luckily I got tickets to her book signing on the 5th July. 

I did have the slight issue of work, I was hoping that my manager hadn't done the rota and thankfully she was just in the middle of doing it. I used my best puppy dog eyes and politely asked for the day off. So yeah, I'm going to meet Louise. The women who was my inspiration to start my blog and share some happiness and love with my readers. Me? I actually cant believe it. I know I will only see her for about 30 seconds and I will just be in a sea or sprinklerinos, but I just cant wait to meet the women who inspired me to create my blog and the women who's look books have made me feel more confident trying new outfits.

Bye for now xxx

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