Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Growing up | Body changes

SO this is the third part in my little series about growing up. From the title of this post, you can probably all guess that today's topic is body changes. Now like last week, I'm writing for females because I don't know exactly what changes boys go through. 

Now when you hit puberty you will start noticing that your body changes. You get more of a womanly figure and it can be annoying if you don't reach those physical changes as quickly as your friends. Now everyone is different, some girls will have big boobs and some will have small. Some will have big hips and some will have hardly noticeable hips. You will get more of a waist line and your face will gain more structure, well for me anyway. 

Now when I was in that stage I always felt conscious that everyone else had gone through these changes before me. I have quite a young looking face which never seemed to change. Now that I'm that little bit older my family have started to see the difference. I think my aunt was a little scared that she looked at me to see that I had a more of a womanly face. Its sounds silly but its just little changes. My aunt has seen me most days since I was born and that was nearly 18 years ago now. For me its like I'm now a women. I had all the other changes many years ago, but the fact that my aunt saw that change made me feel like I'd done it. I'd survived growing up and it was like I'd completed a level of my life and I was finally able to unlock the next part.

I remember feeling rather embarrassed when my boobs started growing, I don't know why but I think this can be quite an embarrassing thing for some girls. I guess I worried that people would laugh at me. I have always been quite a large child and that didn't change when I turned into an adult. You will notice that you start to see where you carry your weight. Well that's what happened for me. I started to notice that while other girls had this fantastic waist, I carried my weight around my tummy. And that's fine. Don't ever feel like your to big or to small, you are perfect the way you are. Now If you don't like your weight then you can try to loose or gain a bit of weight but don't feel like you have to compare yourself to the other girls. Girls can be nasty and what they think it totally irrelevant.

You may also start to notice that you get spots. This is never a fun part of growing up but it doesn't matter. I didn't get a lot of spots but I didn't really care. I never wore make up to cover it but if you feel conscious then you don't need to cake your face in make up. You can use a good concealer and a little bit of powder. Also you could visit your doctor as they may be able to give you some medicine for it.

I know that that wasn't really informative but I didn't want to give you false information. This is all form my personal experience and what I noticed about my body changes.

Bye for now xxx

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