Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fathers day gift guide |

Here in England its fathers day on Sunday, I don't know if its different for other countries but Sunday the 21st of June is the day to spoil our dads. I wanted to put together a little gift guide to give some of you some inspiration, I always struggle with what my dad would like to this year I wanted to have a nice git guide to look at if I get stuck.

Sweets | 
My dad loves tobleron and liquorice all sorts, so for me these sweet treats are the perfect thing to get my dad. They also have a really cool chocolate set from that has chocolate tools in it. I think this is a really cool thing to get your dad because, as sexist as this sounds. I associate tools and tool kits with men because in my house, its my dad that does the DIY. Well when he can be bothered.

Lynx sets |
I think gift sets like these are always perfect. I love the smell of lynx and I think its a good gift to get someone, not to tell them they smell but I know my dad uses lynx and its a practical gift more than anything. Your can usually pick these sets up for about £5  in superdrug. Also in superdrug until fathers day, they are doing £5 off when you spend £50. Just use the code DAD5 at the checkout.

Alcohol |
Now I know some of you might not be able to buy alcohol and some of your parents might not drink, in which case maybe skip this one. Now I know that my dad loves a whiskey called glenmorangie Quinta Ruben. Now this is about £40 for a bottle so I might not get him this. Its just something I know my dad loves and it will last him absolutely ages. Now you get get some nice ales and ciders, anything you know your dad drinks sometimes. I think he would really appreciate it. Also if your dad doesn't drink, they are some great non alcoholic products available.

Cards | 
A nice card be be a great gift to. On places like moon pig you can add pictures to your cards to give it the personal touch. If your short on money this is still a love gift as it shows the time and effort you put into designing it.

Gift cards |
sometimes it can be nice to get someone a git card from a shop your know they love, but never buy anything from. My dad always see's things he loves in some shops but never buys anything because he doesn't want to waste money so a gift card be a great gift, as they have to buy something from there.

I know that wasnt a very long post but I hope it helps some of you with some gift ideas. Let me know your suggestions in the comments.

Bye for now xxx

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