Thursday, 25 June 2015

Decorating dilema |


In Tuesday's post you may have read that I was going out to get bits to decorate my room. Now Since then I have been having a very big dilemma. My rooms main focal point is the wallpapered wall as you walk in. I love my wallpaper but I had to take a sheet of because of mould. While I love my wallpaper, I don't see the point of wallpapering it again because I know it will just get mouldy again.

I found a gorgeous wrapping paper in paper chase and fell in love. I really wanted to make a frame on my wall, about 6 foot wide and 3 foot tall. My plan was to put the wrapping paper in the frame and paint my wall a gorgeous shade of purple. I know think that the patter, even though I love it, will look to much on my wall. Its not like I don't spend a lot of time in my room. I moved into this room when my sister went to uni. I decorated it when I left school and its been like that for nearly 2 years now. These four walls have been where I've sort of grown up. I learnt who I am whilst sitting daydreaming in  my room. I started my blog with my lovely wallpapered walls and I love the space I have, I love having a beautiful space to write my blog posts in. Its sounds so silly but I want it to be perfect. I need my room to be perfect, at the end of the day most people just use their rooms for sleeping. For me my bedroom is the playground for my imagination. I write all of my blog posts in this space. I started my book with this style of décor. 

Its only wallpaper and a bit of paint but I just want something new. In a way, in the short space of time that I've spent in this room, I've done so much. I got my first job, started this blog, discovered what I wanted to do in life and became a version of me that I love. I'm just worried that by changing it so drastically I'll hate it and then I wont want to be in here. I want my blogging space to feel relaxing and to be really cosy.

There's a very big chance that I'm not going to bother re decorating my room now. I might just put up the sheet of wallpaper that had to come off and just leave it. I was just so excited to be changing my room. I'm scared of change, big and little things but I guess I got carried away. I want this gorgeous room that looks really sophisticated, I want it to feel separate from the rest of my house. If I ever move out, I have all the plans for every room. I know what I want but I'm struggling with what I have.

Any suggestions on how I can decorate without it looking to much? Should I just paint the walls and get some nice pictures to hang? I would really appreciate all your help xx

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