Tuesday, 16 June 2015

De-cluttering my room |

Today I finally have the day off after working six days in a row, I know that not that long but I was just really excited to have a day to myself. Now I am a  hoarder and I am very messy, so today I thought I would sort out all of my room. Clean everything, tidy everything and most importantly, throw things away.

My plan for today is to have three boxes. One for things I need, one for things I want and one for things I don't need or want. When everything things in the piles, I'm then going to go through the want pile and try and get rid of as much as possible. I start sort out's of my room an awful lot but I normally get bored and put everything away. This is only a quick post today to tell you how I normally go about cleaning and De-cluttering my room.

Boxes |
I like to tip out everything I own onto the floor and then sort it into boxes like I mentioned above. I will have one for things I need. One for things I want and another for things I don't need or want. When its in all the piles I then get myself a black bin bag bag and a recycling bag. I go through everything in the pile and sort it out into what can be recycled, what can go in the bin and what can be given away to the charity shop. Once that's done. I go through the boxes of things I need and want and do the "Have I used this in 3months" rule. If I haven't thought about it, used it or seen it in three months then I throw it away.

Cleaning | 
When everything is sorted into the boxes, I then get myself a bowl of soapy water, a cloth, the hoover and a duster. I pull out all my furniture and then hoover everything. Once everything is hoovered I get my bowl of water and my cloth and clean all my skirting boards and floor. I then dust all my celling and my light.

After all that's done I put everything back and make sure it all looks neat and tidy. Now I'm going to try and stick to this and go and clean my room. Ill be back on Thursday with a fathers day gift guide.

I was also thinking about changing my blog schedule a bit and also adding a film review Friday. I am a massive film fan and I love sharing my thoughts about my favourite's with people. Let me know if this is something you would all be interested in.

Bye for now xxx

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