Monday, 29 June 2015

Monthly favourites | June

Its seems like only yesterday that I was writing my monthly favourites for May and I only just remembered to write this one. I have had a bit of a busy month, I've got some lovely products and I've been baking a little as well.

Beauty product:
One of my beauty favourite's this month has been my Barry M clear nail varnish. This is something so simple but its been a life saver for me. At work were not allowed to wear nail varnish, which is understandable but at home I need something on my nails to stop me biting them and to strengthen them just a little. This one is really good and it makes my nails look and feel a lot healthier.

Lush product;
I went a little bit mad on the other week and ended up buying myself a lot of lush goodies. My favourite this month had been the butterball. I feel like I go on about this way to much, I just love it and it makes my skin feel incredible.

I don't know if you could class this as a film but because it over 60minutes, I'm saying it is. Doctor who: Time of the doctor has been my favourite this month. I got a blu ray DVD player last week and  it makes my Doctor who DVDs look slightly better. I'm telling you now, you haven't experienced a regeneration until you've watched it in near 1080p. Brilliant acting, storyline and such an emotional goodbye to the one and only Matt Smith. One of my favourite Doctors of all time. Sorry I'm really fangirling now so I'll leave this segment by saying " Raggedy man, goodnight". 

The green soft mints. A little weird I know, but I have created a little blog box where everything I have for my blog goes in. I have my blog schedule book, my blogging ideas book. Current books I'm reading and other bits and pieces that have bit about my blog in them. I also keep a little snack in there for when I'm writing and I love having a soft mint or two while I'm typing away. I might do a little blog box tour to show you exactly where I hide everything blog related, you all know that I haven't told my family about this blog so this is where they would never thing to look when they are being nosey.

TV series;
Top gear. Now if you live in the UK then you will know the situation around top gear. I know what Jeremy Clarkson did was wrong but you have to admit that he was a brilliant host of top gear. Last night was the final top gear on BBC2 that featured Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. It was of course brilliant and I cant wait to see what they all do in the future.

I'm still reading Carries book which is really really good, I just haven't really had time to read properly this month. I did got my copy of blog 365 which has some really great blog post ideas. I would highly recommend this to you if you struggle sometimes to think of things to write about.

Sprinkle of Glitter
You all know how much I love Louise, well I have developed a greater love for this lovely lady this month. I have been loving all her videos and I cant wait for her book to come out. I feel like I have so much respect for Louise. Unlike other youtubers, she still keeps her blog going strong and writing amazing content for us sprinklerinos. I think she is such a humble person and one of my biggest inspirations to follow my dreams.

I have been Adele mad this month. I have loved Adele since I heard chasing pavements in 2007, I think. Well I have been listing to her albums on repeat all month and Ive fallen in love with her music all over again. I always listen to Adele but I have been loving going back to her first album and listening to the incredible songs on it. My favourite has to be first love and daydreamer. They are just so beautiful and so relatable, especially the song called first love. I have also been loving Meghan Trainor's song dear future husband. I think its just so cool and I have spend many an hour singing that at the top of my voice, badly I might add.

I got two new tops this month, I know that's not a lot for some people but I never get myself new clothes. I don't normally get new clothes because I hate the way I look in almost everything, luckily for me I found some lovely tops in new look inspire. I got a lovely sleeveless blouse in pink and a nice white top with little elephants on it. They are both a really light material so they are perfect for the hot weather where having here in the UK.

We had a little family gathering on Saturday and it was so lovely spending time all together. I see my family a lot but at different times, so it was so nice to have everyone together. We had an amazing Indian take away and I sat and played xbox with my cousin. I don't spend as much time as I would like to with him, I guess I just feel like he's growing up and he won't want to spend time with me because I don't really know what he likes doing. It was was nice to sit and do something that he enjoyed, I wasn't much help  but it was lovely to spend so quality time with him. He's growing up so fast, I remember when he was born, I remember cuddling him for the first time and its scary that he's growing into a young man. I cant wait to see the amazing man he becomes, I think he thinks we forget about him but I love him and the rest of my cousin with all my heart and I feel I need to tell them all more.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

Friday, 26 June 2015

Film review | The purge


I just wanted to quickly mention that I'm changing my blog schedule so from now on I'll be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll let you know a theme for Monday and Wednesday soon but for now I'm definitely going a film review Friday.

I'm back for another film review Friday and today I'm going to be reviewing the purge. I love horror films so I really thought I was going to love this film. While I liked the idea of the film it just felt like a bit of a let down in places.

The purge is a horror film that is based around the idea that everything is legal for 1 day a year. Every year America hosts an annual purge, where anything is legal from sunset to sunrise (I think that's right, it might be for the whole day though). Because some family's don't agree with the annual purge, they get security for their homes which means that metal shutters and things like that come down over their doors and windows to stop any unwanted guests from entering their homes. 

Here's what is says online about the film, just in case my description was of no help to you. "In an America ravaged by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government sanctions an annual 12-hour period during which all criminal activity -- including murder -- is legal. James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) and his family face the ultimate test when an intruder drags the vicious outside world into their home. James, Mary (Lena Headey) and their two children struggle to survive the night while trying not to turn into monsters like the ones they are striving to avoid." Now I was really looking forward to this film and I thought it would really frighten me. While it did have some jumpy moments, it really didn't scare me.

Its still a good film but I feel like this would be great for people who don't really like horror films, just because its not that scary to me but I'm used to watching horrors like scream and ones that involve clowns. There is a sequel or something but I haven't bothered watching it because I don't really think it would interest me.

I would give this film a 6/10. I'm sure if I wasn't used to horror I would have loved it and it would have scared me, but because I'm so used to horror films with a lot more suspense, blood and violence this just felt to plain and cautious.

Bye for now xxx

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Decorating dilema |


In Tuesday's post you may have read that I was going out to get bits to decorate my room. Now Since then I have been having a very big dilemma. My rooms main focal point is the wallpapered wall as you walk in. I love my wallpaper but I had to take a sheet of because of mould. While I love my wallpaper, I don't see the point of wallpapering it again because I know it will just get mouldy again.

I found a gorgeous wrapping paper in paper chase and fell in love. I really wanted to make a frame on my wall, about 6 foot wide and 3 foot tall. My plan was to put the wrapping paper in the frame and paint my wall a gorgeous shade of purple. I know think that the patter, even though I love it, will look to much on my wall. Its not like I don't spend a lot of time in my room. I moved into this room when my sister went to uni. I decorated it when I left school and its been like that for nearly 2 years now. These four walls have been where I've sort of grown up. I learnt who I am whilst sitting daydreaming in  my room. I started my blog with my lovely wallpapered walls and I love the space I have, I love having a beautiful space to write my blog posts in. Its sounds so silly but I want it to be perfect. I need my room to be perfect, at the end of the day most people just use their rooms for sleeping. For me my bedroom is the playground for my imagination. I write all of my blog posts in this space. I started my book with this style of d├ęcor. 

Its only wallpaper and a bit of paint but I just want something new. In a way, in the short space of time that I've spent in this room, I've done so much. I got my first job, started this blog, discovered what I wanted to do in life and became a version of me that I love. I'm just worried that by changing it so drastically I'll hate it and then I wont want to be in here. I want my blogging space to feel relaxing and to be really cosy.

There's a very big chance that I'm not going to bother re decorating my room now. I might just put up the sheet of wallpaper that had to come off and just leave it. I was just so excited to be changing my room. I'm scared of change, big and little things but I guess I got carried away. I want this gorgeous room that looks really sophisticated, I want it to feel separate from the rest of my house. If I ever move out, I have all the plans for every room. I know what I want but I'm struggling with what I have.

Any suggestions on how I can decorate without it looking to much? Should I just paint the walls and get some nice pictures to hang? I would really appreciate all your help xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I got tickets | Sprinkle Of Glitter

I got tickets to go to Louise's book signing, I will talk about that a little more later in the post. So if you want to wait then here's whats been happening over the last few days. Also a few weeks ago I purchased advertising space on sprinkle of glitter and it finally got approved today. I cant tell you how emotional I got seeing my blog logo on her website. I know I paid to be there but she had the decision as to whether she wanted it there, and she said yes. Pop over to her sight to see my logo on the sidebar!

On Saturday I was working and unfortunately for me I got stuck working in the staff canteen. I hadn't done this before and it was really lonely, I had no one to chat to when it was quite and I felt really uncomfortable. Luckily I was only there until 1pm so I could go home and put my feet up. While I was at work I happened to mention to a women I work with that if they needed me to come in early on Sunday, I could move some bits around (In other words, I could get up earlier than 11am) and come in early to help. Thankfully she thought it was a fantastic idea and that meant I would have a few more hours on the blessed Sunday that pays time and a half.

Onto Sunday now where I was supposed to be working 1-5pm, but because I'm so lovely I agreed to come in and do 9-5pm. While this meant extra penny's in my bank, it also meant more pain in my feet. It wasn't to bad doing a full day. I mean I haven't  done a full day since I worked full time, it wasn't that bad but I spent the whole morning making toast. We worked out yesterday that on Sunday I must have made over 300 slices. Yep, I'm sick of the sight of toast and wont be making any for a good few days. Because I was on the late that meant I had to do the clean of the place I work. Its normally fine but I slipped near the dishwasher, fell right onto my bum and knocked my head on the dishwasher on the way down, OUCH! I'm in a lot of pain but yesterday my sister went into work and told my manager that I fell over (What a concerned and lovely sister I have) and that meant I got the easy jobs on Monday.

Today? Well today I'm going shopping with my mum to get some paint, wrapping paper that I'm going to use as wallpaper and more decorative bits and pieces because I'm re decorating my room, and of course I will be doing a separate post on that. I should also add that while me and my mum are shopping, we will be having a cinnabon as its like a little tradition me and my mum have now. We go shopping and get a nice sweet treat to make the day a little bit better.

Now onto my exciting news about meeting Louise (Sprinkler Of Glitter).

As you all should know by now, I love and admire Louise Pentland, a.k.a Sprinkle Of Glitter so I was super excited when she announced that she was bring out a book. Bare in mind that this was a few months ago and before I started my new job. I have been sending Louise little tweets here and there asking about dates for a book tour and today I finally got the answer I was waiting for. Luckily I got tickets to her book signing on the 5th July. 

I did have the slight issue of work, I was hoping that my manager hadn't done the rota and thankfully she was just in the middle of doing it. I used my best puppy dog eyes and politely asked for the day off. So yeah, I'm going to meet Louise. The women who was my inspiration to start my blog and share some happiness and love with my readers. Me? I actually cant believe it. I know I will only see her for about 30 seconds and I will just be in a sea or sprinklerinos, but I just cant wait to meet the women who inspired me to create my blog and the women who's look books have made me feel more confident trying new outfits.

Bye for now xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Film review | Hot Fuzz*

I said in a blog post a few days ago that I wanted to start doing film review Fridays, it might not be something all of you are interested in but for the small amount of people that are big film fans like me, I thought this would be a great way for you all to hear my thoughts of different films. I know today's Saturday but I wanted to start it off so You all know to expect a film review on Friday.

To start this off I wanted to talk about my all time favourite film, Hot Fuzz. Just to let you all know, this will contain spoilers so if you don't want to know what happens don't read on. Most of you already know that this is my favourite film as I do mention it quite a lot. So this film is part of the cornetto trilogy, I don't know if other counties would have seen the films as I'm not sure how well they were received in places like America or France or any other country. Basically this film is the second in the cornetto trilogy and its called that as in each film they have a different flavour of the classic cornetto ice creams. Shaun of the dead had strawberry, hot fuzz had chocolate and the worlds end had mint. Click the link to go to the page on amazon where you can buy the DVD if you want to watch it.

Hot Fuzz stars some of Britain best actors and actresses that I just love. The two main characters are played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Here's what the films about, "As a former London constable, Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) finds if difficult to adapt to his new assignment in the sleepy British village of Sandford. Not only does he miss the excitement of the big city, but he also has a well-meaning oaf (Nick Frost) for a partner. However, when a series of grisly accidents rocks Sandford, Nick smells something rotten in the idyllic village.". I was first introduced to this film by my sister and I just fell in love with the plot and the character's. 

Plot summary | 
A police constable called Nicholas Angel is sent to work in the quite village of Sandford as he is to good for the police force in London. In other words, because he has a much higher arrest rate he's been making the rest of the team look bad. As Nicholas is sent packing to the village he arrives to see a pub full of underage teens enjoying a drink in the local pub. He then arrests a local man who crashes into a wishing well whilst drunk, little does he know that this man (Nick Frost) will become one of his best friends and co-workers in the village. After arresting "nearly half the village" (Quote from the film) he meets a few more people at the station. After meeting all the team at the police force, he finds a good friend in Danny (Nick Frost) who is also the police sergeants son. Weird "accidents" start happening in the village which raises Nick's suspicions that they cant all really be accidents and that there's more than meets the eye to the quite little town of sandford. With the help of Danny, the pair drive themselves mad trying to work out who the murderer is. In the end it turns out to be all the members of the neighbour hood watch association, which is led by Danny's dad and police Sergeant. After a little showdown between Nicholas and the neighbourhood watch association, you are led to believe that Danny kills Nicholas. In the next scene we see that he is fine and Danny is in denial about what his father and members of the village have been doing for all these years, which they claim has been "for the greater good". Nicholas comes back to the village to fight them all and to put a stop to all of the murders. After a showdown with the police force and the murderous villagers, they are arrested and a stop is put to all the nasty business. At the end a bomb goes off in the police station but luckily everyone makes it out alive. 

I loved this film because even though it might not seem funny from my description, its filled with subtle humour and scenes that mimic the first of the cornetto trilogy, Shaun of the dead. I would really recommend this film to anyone who loves comedy and horror films or if you are a fan of Edgar wrights work.

I would rate this film a n 11/10 just because of the genius script writing, amazing character development and I love all the actors in it. Have you seen Hot fuzz? What are opinions on it? Let me know in the comments.

Bye for xxx

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fathers day gift guide |

Here in England its fathers day on Sunday, I don't know if its different for other countries but Sunday the 21st of June is the day to spoil our dads. I wanted to put together a little gift guide to give some of you some inspiration, I always struggle with what my dad would like to this year I wanted to have a nice git guide to look at if I get stuck.

Sweets | 
My dad loves tobleron and liquorice all sorts, so for me these sweet treats are the perfect thing to get my dad. They also have a really cool chocolate set from that has chocolate tools in it. I think this is a really cool thing to get your dad because, as sexist as this sounds. I associate tools and tool kits with men because in my house, its my dad that does the DIY. Well when he can be bothered.

Lynx sets |
I think gift sets like these are always perfect. I love the smell of lynx and I think its a good gift to get someone, not to tell them they smell but I know my dad uses lynx and its a practical gift more than anything. Your can usually pick these sets up for about £5  in superdrug. Also in superdrug until fathers day, they are doing £5 off when you spend £50. Just use the code DAD5 at the checkout.

Alcohol |
Now I know some of you might not be able to buy alcohol and some of your parents might not drink, in which case maybe skip this one. Now I know that my dad loves a whiskey called glenmorangie Quinta Ruben. Now this is about £40 for a bottle so I might not get him this. Its just something I know my dad loves and it will last him absolutely ages. Now you get get some nice ales and ciders, anything you know your dad drinks sometimes. I think he would really appreciate it. Also if your dad doesn't drink, they are some great non alcoholic products available.

Cards | 
A nice card be be a great gift to. On places like moon pig you can add pictures to your cards to give it the personal touch. If your short on money this is still a love gift as it shows the time and effort you put into designing it.

Gift cards |
sometimes it can be nice to get someone a git card from a shop your know they love, but never buy anything from. My dad always see's things he loves in some shops but never buys anything because he doesn't want to waste money so a gift card be a great gift, as they have to buy something from there.

I know that wasnt a very long post but I hope it helps some of you with some gift ideas. Let me know your suggestions in the comments.

Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

De-cluttering my room |

Today I finally have the day off after working six days in a row, I know that not that long but I was just really excited to have a day to myself. Now I am a  hoarder and I am very messy, so today I thought I would sort out all of my room. Clean everything, tidy everything and most importantly, throw things away.

My plan for today is to have three boxes. One for things I need, one for things I want and one for things I don't need or want. When everything things in the piles, I'm then going to go through the want pile and try and get rid of as much as possible. I start sort out's of my room an awful lot but I normally get bored and put everything away. This is only a quick post today to tell you how I normally go about cleaning and De-cluttering my room.

Boxes |
I like to tip out everything I own onto the floor and then sort it into boxes like I mentioned above. I will have one for things I need. One for things I want and another for things I don't need or want. When its in all the piles I then get myself a black bin bag bag and a recycling bag. I go through everything in the pile and sort it out into what can be recycled, what can go in the bin and what can be given away to the charity shop. Once that's done. I go through the boxes of things I need and want and do the "Have I used this in 3months" rule. If I haven't thought about it, used it or seen it in three months then I throw it away.

Cleaning | 
When everything is sorted into the boxes, I then get myself a bowl of soapy water, a cloth, the hoover and a duster. I pull out all my furniture and then hoover everything. Once everything is hoovered I get my bowl of water and my cloth and clean all my skirting boards and floor. I then dust all my celling and my light.

After all that's done I put everything back and make sure it all looks neat and tidy. Now I'm going to try and stick to this and go and clean my room. Ill be back on Thursday with a fathers day gift guide.

I was also thinking about changing my blog schedule a bit and also adding a film review Friday. I am a massive film fan and I love sharing my thoughts about my favourite's with people. Let me know if this is something you would all be interested in.

Bye for now xxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Weekly update |

I wast going to post today but I've got into the routine of uploading every Saturday, so here's my quickly typed post for today.

Now as most of you know, I started my new job a few months ago and its going quite well. I'm still on my trial period but I think its going fairly well. The one thing I've found is that its stressing me out. Its not a hard job but customer service is something I find difficult at times. Some customers are so nice and really put a smile on my face, but then there's the others who make me feel like crap. It just annoys me that a man 40-50 years my senior calls me deaf and stupid because he he told me one thing when he meant another. 

Stress of work aside, my week has been okay. I had a little breakdown on Tuesday but I'm okay now. I wont go into details, I told Lou all about it which I feel bad about. I shouldn't have told her all my problems, she was great and gave me some good advice but I feel bad that I put that pressure on her, so sorry Lou. Basically one of my relatives showed up out of the blue after 17years of not being in mine or my sisters life. I think they expected some big reunion, but he made the choice to not see us for another reason. I don't have any time for him, I just cant forgive and forget the things he's done so I just broke down. I couldn't believe that he had the audacity to show up on our doorstep like the past 17 years hadn't happened. 

Oh this week I also went shopping with my mum, which ended up in us buying and eating 4 Cinnabon, we had 2 each and yes they were delicious, thank you for asking. I also went back to my old work and saw one of the girls I used to work with. It was really nice seeing her and having a good catch up. That's one of the things I miss most about my old job, the people. Its difficult at my work now. I guess I just feel like I have to guard myself a bit. My sister also works there and whatever I say seems to get back to her. I don't tell them bad things but I like to have people who I can just talk to without my conversations being passed back to my sister. I just feel like my life and friends are mine at work, so it was so good to go back to my old work and chat to someone who had no connection with my new work or my sister.

What else can I tell you about my week? I got a new run for the guinea pig and rabbit, I contemplated buying a new DSLR camera and I didn't get emergency taxed on my wages. 

That's about it from me this week. I'll see you all on Tuesday where I promise, there will be a slightly better post from me. Don't expect a fantastic post but expect it to be slightly better than this one.

Bye for now xxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lush charity pot | Review

I know I did a lush review last week but if you have been reading this blog for a long time, then you will obviously know that I am obsessed with lush. I might make this a weekly thing, would you like to see more lush product review? Let me know in the comments.

So about a year ago I got a tiny pot (About the size of a coin) of the lush charity pot to try. This cost me £1 but it smelt so good that I stupidly thought that was worth it. Fast forward a year, I re discovered it in lush and ended up buying a 95g pot of it for £6.95 which I thought was such a good price for this lovely body lotion.

The charity pot is quite a sweet scent but its not overpowering.
 The ingredients are:
Water (Aqua), Fair Trade Olive Oil, Glycerine, Organic Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter, Stearic Acid, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Triethanolamine, Geranium Oil, Rosewood Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Fresh Aloe Gel, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Citronellol*, Coumarin, Geraniol*, Linalool*, Limonene, Perfume. 

Once again that means absolutely nothing to me as I don't have a clue what some of the ingredients are, but for anyone curious then you can look up the different ingredients. Its also vegan so everyone can use, i know that one I used last week had honey in it, I think. Some vegans eat honey and some don't so I really love the fact the lush give the customers this information.

Now the thing I love most about this body lotion is that it has coca butter and shea butter in it. It smells so good and it makes my skin feel so soft.  Unlike other body lotions I have used, this one feels really light on my skin and doesn't take hours to dry. It's also great for dry skin, it really helped the dry skin on my hands and I always make sure I use this after work because when I get home my hands are always really dry.

I would really recommend this to anyone who's looking for a great body lotion that works really well and smells divine. Have you tried the charity pot from lush? What products would you recommend I try next? Let me know in the comments.

Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Growing up | Friends

Today's post is all about friends. Now When I started year 7 I didn't have many friends and to be honest I really wish it had stayed that way. I started to hang around with a nice group of girls but I think they were a bad influence on me. Now they didn't smoke or anything like that, they were just not good for me. 

Now I never used to swear in front in front of my parents, I still don't know but I found that the more time I spend with them at school, the more I found myself swearing to myself. Now I don't see anything wrong with swearing but I wouldn't use that type of language around my parents. I also started to notice that they could be very spiteful, two faced and quite horrible to some people. I hung around with these girls, I didn't join in what they were saying but to be honest they were a very mild form of bully's. I don't think they even realised. I didn't realise until I left school. I regret that I spent my time at school with people who took the mick out of others and to all the girls and boys that they were horrible to behind their backs, I'm so sorry that I sat there and did nothing. By letting them say it, I was basically allowing it and I will never be able to forgive myself for that. I know that this must go in a lot of teenage groups but I feel bad that when they were being horrible about people, I never said anything about it.

The nicest girls in my year were the quite ones, they kept there heads down and just got on with it. They didn't have a lot of friends, they had each other and they were always so kind to me. I know now that they are the people I should have spent my time at school with.

I also noticed that my friends bullied me, without me really realising and they didn't even know they were doing it. They would tease me about things that had happened, make things up about me and tell boys I fancied them when I didn't. I remember this one time when I was in science. We had a seating plan and I was next to this boy. Now the girls thought that I didn't like sitting next to boys because I fancied them. That couldn't be further from the truth. I didn't like sitting with the boys because I was so worried that they would pick on me and be horrible. Now this lesson had me sitting next to this boy, he was really nice but I just felt uncomfortable. I was also sitting with two of my "friends". Now they sat and wrote love notes to him pretending they were from me. He knew they were from them and he could see how annoyed I was getting. He turned to me and said 'Do they always bully you like this' and I simply replied 'I'm used to it'.

I wanted to write this post to warn you that even people seem lovely, the minute you feel uncomfortable in there company or with what they are doing, walk away. You don't need friends that are like that. You don't need to have hundreds of friends to know that you have people who genuinely care about you. Now I want you to go onto your facebook page. Look at the amount of friends, now tell me how many you speak to on a daily basis. Now tell me how many you feel comfortable to be around, now tell me if you can trust them with something you tell them privately and finally tell me if they would drop everything to make sure you were okay. Now or some lucky people that might be all your friends but for me, there are only 4 people who I know wouldn't betray my trust. Who would do anything to make sure I was okay.

As we grow up we realise that these friends were no more than acquaintances. Don't worry if your not the most popular at school, it doesn't matter if you have jut one friend. Just make sure that they are good for you. That you can actually trust them not to make you feel like crap every single day of your school life.

Bye for now xxx

Saturday, 6 June 2015

What have I done wrong? | Rant

Today's going to be a bit of rant, I'm being selfish and this is more or me than it is for you lovely people. I just need to write this, whether I post it is a different matter.

Basically my dad for the past few weeks has just been acting weird with me. Now he's always been a man of few words but he would at least try to seem interested in things I said. Its like nothing I do is good enough, nothing I say is interesting enough and I've done something wrong. I get that some days you just don't want to talk to anyone, of course I do. It just frustrates me that even when he's just sitting on the couch drinking his tea, I will talk to him and he's either on a ten second delay or he just not interested. Now when I ask him why he's not listening, he recites the whole sentence I said back to me. I don't think he realises how much that upsets me, like you've sat and listened but you you didn't want to answer me. He chooses to ignore me than answer a simple yes or no.

I don't know what I've done. I don't go out drinking, clubbing, sleeping around or anything like that, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I just know my dad takes a dim view on going out and getting drunk. I feel like he doesn't even respect me. Now my sister and my dad fight like cat and dog. There is never a day when they aren't arguing. She disobeys him at every turn. I love her, of course I do. She's got the guts to do what I wish I could get away with. What bothers me is that even after arguing with my sister almost every day, he still goes and has a conversation with her. He talks to her like she actually means something to him, whereas me, well I get ignored and when I do get to have a conversation with my dad. He's on a ten second delay and his answers are short and to the point.

My sister has always told me she was golden child and that used to upset me when I was little, I love my sister but it feels like after my dad had her, he did the dad type things you do with your children and that he cant be bother to do that with both children any more. My dad is an amazing man, I love him with all my heart and he has given us everything we ever needed or wanted. It just feels like he's given up with me now. I know he loves me but I just feel like I'm walking on eggshells whenever I talk to him. I'm just so happy that I have a fantastic relationship with my mum. She knows what my dads like and I think she knows it bothers me, I think that's why we have such a good relationship. I can laugh and joke with my mum and I can talk to her without her feigning interest and I think she does that because she know my dad just doest like conversations.

Whenever my dad upsets me or annoys me he never says sorry. That's something I've only just realised. When he upsets my sister or annoys her, he always apologises. With me he goes out and buys me food as some type of peace offering. Do you know how cheap that makes me feel, like I'm not worth an apology but a chocolate bar will buy my forgiveness's. I don't even know any more, does anyone else have parents like this? I know how lucky I am to have both my parents, for them to be together and for them to provide for us but it frustrates me that my dad is never interested in what I have to say.

I might not post this but I hope you don't all think I'm selfish for posting this. I just needed it out of my system and get my feelings out there.

Bye for now xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lush love lettuce face mask | Review

If you saw my monthly favourites post for May, then you will seen me mention my love for the lush love lettuce face mask. I needed to do a separate post about it because I wanted to share it with you all.

Now if your not a big fan of lush then this might not be your type of post but if you love everything lush then this might interest you. Now I got this face mask a few weeks ago and I have been loving it. When I went into lush a few weeks ago we only went in there to get some bits for my aunt, but after talking to the lovely women in lush about the face masks I was contemplating buying one. Luckily for me, the women gave me a free face mask.

I tried the seaweed face mask a few months ago and I didn't really rate it. It made my skin feel dry, it smelt really weird and I really hated applying it on my skin. Luckily the women gave me the love lettuce face mask which I was told is for combination skin.

This face mask has polishing almond shells, softening almond oil and soothing lavender oil. The ingredient's are:
Agar Agar Gel Kaolin, Honey. Fullers Earth, Glycerine, Almond Oil, Ground Almond Shells, Ground Almonds, Lavender Oil, Chlorophyllin, Geraniol, Limonene,  Linalool and Perfume. Now that means absolutely nothing to me, but some of you might like to know what's in in, in case you want to purchase it.

This face mask has to be kept in the fridge and I does have an expiry date, but if I'm honest mine ran out a week ago and it still makes my skin feel great. I scoop out a blob of the mask and apply it to my face. I normally do this when I'm in the bath because then I can properly relax. I then pop on my Sam Smith album, you don't need music but it helps me relax so I can pamper myself. After about 10 minutes the mask has dried a little, I then rinse it off with warm water and a flannel. It leaved my skin feel so nourished and smelling fantastic. I have actually noticed that my skin feels and looks a lot healthier after using this. I used this mask two times a week and I will definitely be going back to lush to get this again.

They have a great range of face masks on their website and in store, I will leave the link the their website so you can go and have a little browse for yourself.

Have your tried any of the lush face masks or any lush products? Let me know in the comments.

Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Growing up | Body changes

SO this is the third part in my little series about growing up. From the title of this post, you can probably all guess that today's topic is body changes. Now like last week, I'm writing for females because I don't know exactly what changes boys go through. 

Now when you hit puberty you will start noticing that your body changes. You get more of a womanly figure and it can be annoying if you don't reach those physical changes as quickly as your friends. Now everyone is different, some girls will have big boobs and some will have small. Some will have big hips and some will have hardly noticeable hips. You will get more of a waist line and your face will gain more structure, well for me anyway. 

Now when I was in that stage I always felt conscious that everyone else had gone through these changes before me. I have quite a young looking face which never seemed to change. Now that I'm that little bit older my family have started to see the difference. I think my aunt was a little scared that she looked at me to see that I had a more of a womanly face. Its sounds silly but its just little changes. My aunt has seen me most days since I was born and that was nearly 18 years ago now. For me its like I'm now a women. I had all the other changes many years ago, but the fact that my aunt saw that change made me feel like I'd done it. I'd survived growing up and it was like I'd completed a level of my life and I was finally able to unlock the next part.

I remember feeling rather embarrassed when my boobs started growing, I don't know why but I think this can be quite an embarrassing thing for some girls. I guess I worried that people would laugh at me. I have always been quite a large child and that didn't change when I turned into an adult. You will notice that you start to see where you carry your weight. Well that's what happened for me. I started to notice that while other girls had this fantastic waist, I carried my weight around my tummy. And that's fine. Don't ever feel like your to big or to small, you are perfect the way you are. Now If you don't like your weight then you can try to loose or gain a bit of weight but don't feel like you have to compare yourself to the other girls. Girls can be nasty and what they think it totally irrelevant.

You may also start to notice that you get spots. This is never a fun part of growing up but it doesn't matter. I didn't get a lot of spots but I didn't really care. I never wore make up to cover it but if you feel conscious then you don't need to cake your face in make up. You can use a good concealer and a little bit of powder. Also you could visit your doctor as they may be able to give you some medicine for it.

I know that that wasn't really informative but I didn't want to give you false information. This is all form my personal experience and what I noticed about my body changes.

Bye for now xxx