Saturday, 16 May 2015

YouTube Culture


Today I want to chat to you all about the YouTube culture. For people my age and younger, YouTube has become one of the biggest sources of visual media. Now I know YouTube is meant for videos, but I mean in the respect that people are building a following by uploading videos of themselves, they are creating a brand and getting hundreds of thousands of views each day. I think kids now spend more time glued to their laptop screens watching the latest Zoella video than they do on other media like TV.  

Don't get wrong, I can spend hours watching videos online from my favourite YouTubers but I think there should be an age that you cant watch it. I think its amazing the brands YouTubers have made for themselves but I just fear that this is giving young children and unrealistic view of life, and they want to be a YouTuber as a career. Now I think teenagers understand the work the goes into being a YouTuber as they grasp the concept of editing, filming and everything else that goes with creating content. Children under 10 are watching YouTubers and wanting to have that as a career without realising the amount of work that goes into keeping their brands and channels at such a high quality.

I think YouTube is a fantastic platform for people to share their work and for a lucky few, it has become their main income. I think people who have seen people like Zoe Sugg rise to fame through her channel have decided that they want that to, the trouble is we are going to have a whole new youtube generation that's filled with people who want one thing, and that's fame. Now all the best Youtuber stars never set out for fame, they started uploading as a hobby.

Because of this I feel like older people see this whole YouTube culture as nothing more than a hobby. They don't see why someone making videos can manage to make money and younger viewers think that they are rich just for recording a video. I'm not a YouTubeer but I seen enough to know that all of the Youtuber's are self taught in editing software, photography, lighting and writing. People like Louise and Zoe created their blogs where they clearly learnt about blog layout, making content that people wanted to read, networking and I feel like people just don't understand this. None of the current Youtube stars asked for fame, they started making videos as a hobby and because they are extremely likeable people, its just escalated into this new breed of celebrity's.

I think YouTube is such a great platform to share part of your life but I worry that it will influence children and we will end up with thousands of Zoella wanna Be's. It wont work simply because its already been done. Zoe is amazing but problem is shes already doing it. Do we want to see thousands of people making videos just for fame. Lets face it, after a few years of YouTuber's being in the spot light, the media will move on. The Youtuber's will remain successful but I feel like brands wont want to use anyone new. Advertisers have seen the viewers YouTuber's get and have jumped at the chance to work with them which is great, it means they products will reach new people. The issue is that in a few years time the advertisers will stick to the people they know can bring them attention.

I don't think YouTube is the place for young children, they are getting ideas of becoming YouTube famous without realising how much work goes into the content. What do you all think?

Bye for now xxx

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