Saturday, 23 May 2015

Shopping haul |

So last week I had the weekend off so me and my mum went shopping. Now I hadn't been out shopping in months and I was looking forward to going and getting some new bits and pieces. I was also looking forward to going out with my mum, we spend a lot of time together but it was nice to go out and actually do something.

First we went to the retail park where I popped into TK Max and Asda living. I got a really lovely notebook from TK Max which was £5. As you probably know, I am a massive stationery lover and even though I definitely didn't need any more notebooks, I still came home with a lot of Pads I didn't need. There wasn't really much in Asda living that I wanted so we went to the other retail park instead.

So the next place we went was Homesense. Now I've never been in Homesense so I was very excited. There was so much nice stuff in there and it was actually really good prices. Once again I found the stationery shelf and grabbed so much I almost dropped it all. I did have to work out what I actually wanted because I only had £30 cash and I wasn't near a cash machine.
Now I got some gorgeous notebooks and anyone who shares my love will appreciate these. If your not weird like me then you will not see the appeal of my notebooks.

In the last one that says Doodles and Scribbles, I am using this to write down a list of all my blog posts. I have filled it out already and its ready for more posts.

After my mum getting lost in the retail park, driving in the wrong lane and going round the round about twice we finally got to the shopping centre. We didn't go in a a lot of shops but we went in some of my favourite's. 

The first was Lush. My mum had to get my aunt some bits for her anniversary so I helped choose my favourites for her. I was also talking to one of the friendliest women in lush about the face masks. Now I wasn't sure which one to go for so the women kindly gave me a free face mask to take home and try. The face mask I was given is called love lettuce and I have to tell you how amazing it made my skin feel. I also got the charity pot which is a body lotion that smells absolutely incredible.

 After we had popped into Paperchase (i was so so excited to go in there) we went into primark. I got a few bits from there and it was all really cheap. I got a manicure set which was £2. I needed a new one because I somehow manage to loose all my sets. I got a new phone case which I forgot to take a picture of. That was only £2. I got a new pack of bunchy's (Everyone else calls them hair bands but I've always called them bunchy's since I was little.). I also got a platform 9 3/4 top which was £6. I love this top and cant wit to wear it.

The last place we went was cinnabon. Now me and my mum have wanted to try these for ages. Me and my mum got the caramel and pecanbon. There were the most deliciously fabulous scrumptious (I could go on all day) treats in the world.

That's it from me today. I'll see you all on Tuesday for a new post.

Bye for now xxx

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