Thursday, 7 May 2015

Secondary school | Year 11

Year 11 |
The final year of school was when I felt like I could be more me, I had my little group of friends, I knew what I was doing and I felt happy. One thing that wasn't great was that the girl I mentioned in the previous part did her best to make my life a bit worse everyday, I learnt to ignore her in the end. In PE we were playing rounder, I was on a post and as she ran past me and my friends she called us fat c**t's, I've not written the whole word but I'm sure you know what I mean. About a month later we were playing rounders again and I got her out, she then said oh I cant believe that fat c**t got me out, for a fat girl I was better at rounders than she was, clearly.

 We started our exams and I was gutted when I found out I got a D in my history paper, it counted as 45% of our total grade, luckily I was able to re-sit. I started making my final piece for textiles and ended up getting an A* on my coursework, I was so happy because I loved the subject so much and I wanted to make my teacher proud. I spent a lot of time in after school ICT where me and a few people spent a while spinning round on wheelie chair's which was a lot of fun.

At then end of the year we had our prom, I wasn't going to go but my friends convinced me and it was actually a nice evening, it was a lovely way to say goodbye to all the people I hated. That sounds cruel but for me, prom was my final goodbye to all the people that made me feel so unhappy. We had a leavers Assembly which I didn't go to, they were going to show loads of pictures of us throughout our school years and I didn't want to see them, I didn't want the tearful goodbyes.

Now looking back at my school years it seems so quick, all the little things that happened seem a lifetime ago. Even though I was bullied, I don't think i would change one day. Its like the doctor who quote “I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear.". I wont ever forget my time at school and I don't want to but even though I only finished school two years ago, im a completely different person now. I've deleted people from my life who made me feel inferior and I've finally realised what really matters.

I know that was very long and boring to read. It's weird thinking to think, all those words sum up my five years of secondary school and then it was just over. I was orinhially going to post all of the secondayr school posts together, but that would have been a very long post. If you want to look at my other posts then I will link them below for you.

Bye for now xxx

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