Saturday, 30 May 2015

Monthly favourites | May 2015

I just wanted to say quickly that I'm really excited to write this monthly favourites. I have tried a lot a new products this month that I cant wait to share with you.

Beauty product:
I have two lush favourites this month. my first is the charity pot which is a body lotion. Now this smells fantastic and it makes my skin feel really moisturised and soft. 

Lush product;
My second lush favourite is the love lettuce face mask. Now I don't normally use face masks but I got chatting the the women in Lush who very kindly gave me a free sample to try. The first time I used this I was amazed. Now after my bath I couldn't stop stroking my face. Its okay, I'm not some weird lush fan but I was just really impressed at how smooth it made my skin feel. It also made it feel really hydrated. I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a face mask for combination skin. 

I have been loving father of the bride 2. I love this film and it was on TV this weekend so I was really excited to watch it again. Father of the bride 2 is where his wife and daughter are pregnant and its just such a funny film.

Walkers sun bites in the sweet chili flavour. These are really delicious and they are really low in fat. They are quite healthy for you but then again I did have several bag, so I guess that doesn't really count with me. 

TV series;
The Goldberg's. Now I know this was first aired in America, I think. This is a great show about the life of a boy in the 80's. I find it so funny and all the characters are so relatable. Its based on this boys life and at the end of some episodes it says who the episodes dedicated to and has an old home movie of them. Its a great show and I would recommend you all go and watch it. Its on E4 at 7.30pm Monday to Friday.

I'm still reading this book so its exactly the same as last months, sorry. Carrie Hope Fletcher's book 'All I know now' and I'm loving it. I'm only about a quarter of the way through but I am loving it. This book is exactly the thing I needed when I was at school and its even helping me now. I would recommend that you all get yours self a copy because I think you will all love it.

Those Rosie Days | Youtube | Twitter
I found Rosie's channel while browsing the British try's American candy videos and I couldn't wait to share it will you all. Rosie is so pretty and her personality shines through in her videos. Her content is great and the video quality is up there will all the big youtubers. I think you will all love her, so pop over to her channel and leave some lovely comments for her.
Bills by Lunchbox Lenny. So in England there was robbery at Hatton gardens which is where jewellery is kept. Me and mum found it hilarious that they managed to get away with stealing from a high security place. I know its wrong what they did but they didn't kill anyone, no one was hurt so even though its a crime it wasn't the worst there is. Now the reason why I love this song is because my mum pointed out how funny it would be if in court, if the judge asked why they commit the crime they played this. I couldn't stop laughing and now that's all I think of when I hear it. Click here to take you to the video.

My harry potter top. I got it from primark and I love that it has a copper colour on it. Its just so pretty.

So this Tuesday I may have gone out and got myself a lion head rabbit. When I say may have, I mean I did and its the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'm struggling to think of an name though, I like belle and I like Fearne. So I'll update you what it becomes.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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