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Growing up | Periods

Growing up | periods
So I started this little series about two weeks ago and I want to make it a weekly thing, just until I run out of ideas, haha. Now growing up can seem like a scary thing. Especially when you are expecting big changes to your body. Now I'm going to be writing this from a female point or view because I'm a girl and I haven't got a great idea of what growing up is like for boys. Periods can be scary when you're young. I was so scared to get my first period and I never liked talking about it to anyone, not even my mum.

Now I know most of my readers are of an age where they have already started their periods and don't need to be told any of this, but I want this information to be here if there are any younger readers. Now girls, I want you to remember that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Every woman in the world has a period and it's perfectly normal. Now I still get embarrassed talking about periods around the men in my family and I think that's understandable, but I used to be really embarrassed to talk about it even with my sister and my mum. 

I never wanted to tell my mum because I was scared and embarrassed. There's no need to feel like this, even when talking to your dad. Now if your mums not around for any reason then if you don't feel comfortable talking to your dad or whoever it may be, talk to some of your female relatives, a doctor, friends or anyone your feel comfortable with. 

No I remember my first period like it was yesterday, now if your a boy reading this then you may feel a little grossed out but I know all your lady's won't mind me telling you. Now I was 12 when I got my first period and I was terrified, there was no need to be though. Now I didn't tell my mum in the morning. I had a sanitary towel in my bag just in case. Now that morning at school I had an hour of P.E. The last few lessons we had been doing discus which didn't really involve much movement but to my horror we had to do aerobics. We were using the gym mats doing sits ups, leg stretches and I was terrified I was going to come through. Ladies you will all know what I mean but for the boys, basically I didn't want to bleed through. Sorry for being graphic. 

Now luckily that didn't happen but every time I got up throughout the day, I thought I was going to leave blood wherever I went. Some girls will know what I mean, but if not then I'm not going to go into detail. Now I was in a lot of pain and I just wanted to go home. At the end of the day I got home and just cried to my mum and told her. I don't know why I was so scared to tell her. She'd been there and done it. 

Now some girls will have their period and not have any pain but then again, some will. Whatever happens just know that it's perfectly natural and you shouldn't be embarrassed. Now I'm not regular, there's nothing wrong it's just the way my body is. If you are worried then pop to your doctor and talk to them. 

Now if you haven't started your period yet, don't worry! It will happen and just enjoy the time you have before it happens. Now when it does happen just make sure your prepared. Feminax is great for pain relief, now I get bad period pains but some girls don't. Everyone is different. My advice would be to get a hot water bottle, some pain relief and chocolate of your choice. 

I hope that post wasn't to graphic, it's a part of growing up for girls and I wanted to share my experience to make people feel more comfortable about talking about it.

Bye for now xxx

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