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Body confidence Q&A with Lou's world |

I did a post last week about being perfectly imperfect. I wanted to incorporate this with the topic of body confidence and I wanted to hear from one of my lovely blogger friends. Bria Lou who runs the fabulous Lou's world kindly agreed to answer my questions. You should all go and have a look around her blog, she is an amazing writer and her bog is fantastic. 

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So I'll stop rambling now and let you see what she said.

How do you feel about the way you look?
I don’t really like the way that I look. To be honest, I dislike it a bit, but not enough to actively change it (which I probably should think about!), but that’s only some aspects. Other aspects about myself I really do like, but like with every person, the bad outweighs the good!

Is there anything you would change if you could?
Definitely! If I could wake up tomorrow morning and look like a supermodel… well I probably wouldn't but I would definitely get a thinner and more toned.

Do you think the media has any effect on the way you see yourself?
Absolutely. The media make me feel as if the only way to be beautiful is to be a size 6-8 with long hair and everything toned. From a race point of view I also feel like the idea image of a woman in today’s society has to be white, but that’s a separate issue!

If you have been bullied about you looks, size or whatever it may be. Has that had a lasting effect on you, if not how did you just brush it off?
I’ve never really been bullied about the way that I look, at least not extensively. I mean, people that I go to college with or used to go to school with can occasionally make the odd comment about my hair (it’s not long enough or straight enough) or my body (it’s not thin enough or long enough) or even what I wear (it’s not short enough, it’s not long enough, it’s not slutty enough, it’s not conservative enough) but I don’t really pay much attention to that anymore. To be honest, if I cared about what they said enough to change it, I would look completely different to the way that I look now, and I wouldn't be happy.

Do you feel pressured to look a certain way?
In a sense yes, because I feel a lot of pressure from other people or from the media, but as I said before,  I don’t feel enough pressure to actually actively change something about me.

Do you ever feel insecure about your body when talking to new people?
I do when I’m anticipating meeting someone new. I think ‘they’re gonna think that I’m ugly and I’m fat and I’m boring and they’re just gonna hate me!’. But when I actually meet someone new, they’re either so nice that I doubt any of this pops into their heads, or they’re so uninterested in me that I had no reason to worry. Either way, I’ve never been in a situation where I am meeting someone new and they take an instant disliking to me because of the way that I look.

Do you think women have more issues with body confidence or do you think men are too embarrassed to talk about the issue?
A bit of both. I think that there is a lot more pressure on women to look perfect because we’re the ones that are pressured to find a suitable mate and get married and make babies. And I’m sure a lot of us women have the mindset that ‘no one is going to want to marry us if we’re not a size 8’. However, because of this pressure, I do think that men are embarrassed to talk about it, because before, they didn’t think that they had to. It was the place of women to worry about how they looked, and it was the place of the men to pick their suitable mate. But now that times have changed and the lines between male and female are becoming more blurred, it really is hard to adapt to that, especially for men.

I did a post about perfect imperfections and what I see in myself as imperfections. Do you feel like you have any imperfections that you see as making you perfect?
I think so. One imperfection I have is that I have a scar on my leg (I walked into a glass door, long story!), so I don’t really wear skirts or shorts, and I wear dresses mostly with leggings. However, recently (just at home) I’ve started wearing dresses without leggings and showing me legs a bit more, just because, I heard a quote about scars being evidence for the fact that you have lived, and I really liked that and wanted to apply it to my own life.

I want to thank Bria Lou for answering my questions. It went along answering the questions after I had written them and its great to hear what she had to say. If you want to answer any of  these question's then please write your answers in the comment's below.

Bye for now xxx

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