Saturday, 25 April 2015

The creative blogger award |

I saw this tag and was also nominated to do it. I thought it would be really fun to answer and pass on to some lovely bloggers.

1. Nominate up to 15 blogs and notify them. 
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog. 
3. Share 5 facts about yourself. 
4. Pass rules onto the nominees.

I was nominated by the blog, you should all pop over to the blog because its amazing.

Fact no.1
I have recently started playing Sims 3 and am a little bit obsessed with it. I have quite a nice life on there, a husband, baby and a great writing career. Some could say I'm living my dream life through a computer game and they would probably be right.

Fact no.2
I have never had a boyfriend. My friends used to think that was really weird.

Fact no.3
I am a really messy person. I like my life to be organised but I couldn't care less about my bedroom being organised and tidy. I'm not even joking, sometimes my room is so messy that I cant walk to my bed without tripping over something. I'm getting better though, I just need to learn to tidy things away when I use them.

Fact no.4
I was home school for three years when I was in primary school.

Fact no.5
When I was younger my dream job was to be a chef, that all changed when I realised I would have to cook what other people wanted and not what I wanted. I also realised tat I would have to touch fish and I cant stand the look or smell of it.

I nominate;

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