Thursday, 16 April 2015

Secondary School | Year 8

Last Thursday I post about Year 7 so if you want to check that out then I will link it somewhere in this sentence.

Year 8 |
In year 8 we all got mixed around, I was no loner with my form and it was a bit scary to be honest. In year 8 my friendship group began to mould itself into what it finished like. I think because we all knew each other better we got closer, which isn't always a good thing as I found out in year 10. I really loved year 8 because I was more confident and in my lessons and I had a good group of people that made me laugh. I loved geography because my best friend sat in front of me and I had a boy next to me who always made me laugh. This was the same in French and history as well, the four of us would always be sat next to each other. In year 8 my favourite lesson's were Geography, History and French. I loved my History teacher, he was funny, Irish and really sweet. He made our lessons so much fun and got me interested in the subject. 

The funniest thing that I remember is in a French lesson, we handed in out homework and we just hear our teacher go "'girls name - Thank you for handing your homework in, if your going to use Google translate can you at least put it in French, I don't speak Spanish". It was so funny at the time and the girl was so embarrassed, I felt really sorry for her. It was also in this year that I realised not everyone was as perfect and lovely as they seemed. We were in a music lesson and we got letter about going to see the theatre show of shrek, I said I couldn't go and my friend said "You should go, you look like shrek". I was so hurt by what she said, she basically called me ugly and after that I kept my distance from her. I hated English because my teacher was just so patronising, I lost my love of the lesson in year 8 and I didn't get it back for some time.

Next week I will be talking about year 9 and the teacher who carried a metal chair leg with him to frighten the students.

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