Thursday, 2 April 2015

Secondary School | Year 7

I've wanted to do this post for some time now but never really got round to it. I have mixed feeling about my time at secondary school. For those of you how don't know, secondary school in England is for kids 11-16, I think in America its called high school but I'm probably wrong. I'm going to chat about the different years, maybe lessons and all the embarrassing stuff in between. Before we start I just want to tell you all that from the age of 7-11 I was taught at home, so I didn't do half of primary school. I went to look round the secondary school because I didn't want my mum to have to teach me for another 5 years, she did an amazing job as it was but she has her own life and I felt like I was holding her back.

Year 7 |
In year 7 I went into the school with no friends, everyone else has people they knew from primary school and it was strange for me. I didn't tell anyone that I was home schooled, the only people that knew were three girls that I had know since playschool. I had an amazing year leader who really helped me settle in. I was quite a shy child and I cried a lot in the first few months of year 7 and I can remember getting really upset and he took me to the year leaders office and made me a hot chocolate and helped me understand that there wasn't anything to be scared about. He was one of my favourite teachers but he sadly died as few years later. The lessons we had were all as a form group, the only lessons we were mixed were design and technology, P.E and Maths. 

The rest of our lessons we were all together which was nice. In year 7 I formed a massive crush on a boy who will remain nameless but I thought it was true love. I never told him, of course I didn't. I was the fat girl that was constantly crying and he was blonde and very handsome, my type has dramatically changed since then. I also got into my group of friends which got smaller over the years. In year 7 two embarrassing things happened to me and being I don't want there to be any secrets between us, I shall tell you them. I got an award in assembly and when I got up to get it, my foot got caught in my PE bag and I fell on the floor in front of all my year. The second thing that happened is something I will never get over, I felt ill and didn't know I was going to be sick, I then threw up over my two friends and the boy who didn't really like me, he was also best friends with the boy I had a crush on. I was mortified but I had to go in the next day, I took them sweets to apologise. I will never forget that embarrassing moment and now its on the Internet for all to see. My favourite lessons in year 7 were English and Re. My teachers were just really fun and made the lessons really enjoyable.

Next week I will be chatting about my time in year 8. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Fell free to share this on twitter, instagram or not, no pressure.

Bye for now xxx

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