Thursday, 23 April 2015

Secondary school | Year 9

For the last two weeks I have been posting about my time in secondary school. Go and check out my other two posts here | Year 7 | Year 8. Now Today's post is a shorter one but in next weeks post it will be filled with even more of my ramblings.

Year 9 |
Year 9 seemed the most stressful year, we had to chose our options, what we wanted to do for our GCSE's. We were all split into ability properly in year 9 and I was surprised I was in the top set for History and English. Everyone was really scared of the History teacher. Basically in our school there were two teachers who were married and both their sons worked at the school as well, they all taught within the humanities area and they were all really nice but we a little bit scary. My form tutor in year 7 and 8 was his mum so I knew he cant of been that bad. When we had lessons with him he actually made us want to learn, he was enthusiastic about history and we loved that. Although he had a chair leg that he used to smash on the table to make us be quite, it was scary but unfortunately he was very good looking. Every single girl in the school has a little bit of crush on the male members of this family, there was just something about them that was oddly attractive....Moving on.

My form tutor in year 9 was Canadian and he was one of the best teachers our school had. At the end of the year he held a party in our form room for all of us, he was leaving and this was his way of saying goodbye. He came into school with bags of sweets, massive boxes of crisps, haribo's and boxes of coke (The drink!!, don't worry we didn't have a drug dealer as a teacher).

Year 9 was also the year when we had out sex education day! Now this was so cringy for all of us, the school clearly knew this as they separated the boys and the girls. Although we spent half the day giggling about what were being made to talk about, it was also the most embarrassing thing we did at school. It didn't really help that we went to different teacher for different parts of the day, we were sent to the history teacher that every single girl had a crush on to have "the sex talk". I can only assume it was just as awkward for the teachers as it was for us.

 When it came to picking our options I was put in an awkward situation. The kids in set 1 and 2 all had to to the English baccalaureate, which meant you had to do a humanities and a language. I was always going to do a humanities but I hated languages, it was something I struggled with and I had no patients to learn in French. Basically I was down two three choices, my friends chose the same subjects as each other which I thought was pointless. I didn't do what my friends did because I wanted to do something I enjoyed. In the end I picked Textiles, Art, History and French. I did put down Spanish but then the Spanish teacher left so they took it away from our options.

Well next weeks I will be chatting more about my school years as we make our way into year 10.

Bye for now xxx

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