Thursday, 30 April 2015

Secondary school | Year 10

Year 10 |
When I went into year ten I felt a mixture of excitement and terror. I was looking forward to staring my GCSE's subjects but I was terrified about doing well. I knew how important my exams were and I wanted to do well. I was more split from my friends than I had been in previous years but in a way I liked that, it was nice to be with other kids. To be honest the girls I hung around with were nice but I think they just put up with me, I was normally the joke of the joke and they did sometimes makes me feel like I wasn't wanted there, I know they didn't mean it but for me it was nice to do different things.

The subjects I had to do are as follows, Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, French, PE, ICT, Citizenship, RE, Textiles, Art. I hated a good majority of these subjects but I tried my best. I really loved History, I had the teacher I had in year 8 and I was with one of my friends I had know since playschool. There were a lot of people in there who I had never talked to before and it was nice to get to know some of them.

 French was terrible, I hated it and we always hate double French on a Monday morning without a break. I would always dread Mondays, as I would come out of the double lesson with a really bad headache. All I can say is Google translate helped me pass that exam, thank god for the internet. I thought art would be fun but it was just really boring, everything I did my teacher had some complaint about, she had her favourites in the class which I thought was a little unfair.

 Textiles was where I felt at home, I loved my teacher and I loved being able to be creative. I also started talking to this really lovely girl so I didn't feel on my own in there. About a term into year 10 my friend and I had an argument, she would never tell me what it was about. Apparently I had been saying stuff about her which wasn't true, she would never tell me who said this or anything. The only thing I thought it could have been is when I would be chatting with other people and just tell them things that had happened, like if they all made a joke about me I told my other friend and apparently that meant I was "Bitching" about her. She made me feel like crap, she isolated me from the group by making my friends turn on me. Her and her friend, who wasn't in our group would sit at lunch time and throw food at me. I didn't know what to do, I felt so alone so I just stayed out of their way.

 A few months later she did the exact same thing another girl in our group and then they all realised I had actually done nothing wrong. This then started what seemed like a mini war between two groups. I was entered in to do my English literature and language exam nearly two years early and still got a C in both, I re-sat them in year 11 to try and do better but it was one thing less to worry about. The thing that shocked us all was when we all got told that one of the best teachers, my old year leader in year 7 and 8, had passed away from cancer. We were all so shocked and it was so unexpected. I think this made me lose focus a little bit. Now even though I have lost people in my life, like my nan. I was to little to understand what had happened. When my teacher died it just hit me, I didn't know what to do with what I was feeling. He played a big part in helping me settle into school and always made sure I was okay.

Next week I will be chatting about my final year at school and my thoughts on it now.

Bye for now xxx

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