Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Perfectly imperfect |


Now today I want to chat about something which is quite close to my heart. Every person on this earth, no matter how big/small, tall/short or rich /poor has little thing's about themselves that they hate. They see them as imperfections and its only natural. I have a tonne of imperfection's but I've come to realise that all those imperfection's make me perfect just the way I am, like everyone else. 

We are all perfect just the way we are. We live in a society that is now obsessed with having perfect skin, the perfect hair, make up and figure but why on earth should men and women feel like they should conform to this. Having imperfection's is what makes up human. It makes us all unique and special, even in the tiniest way. People are trying to look exactly like their favourite celebrity's which is fine but we are creating a generation of Barbie dolls. Everyone looking a certain way because of what the media says is the perfect image.

I say we learn to love our imperfections. I'm going to list all of the things I see as imperfection's on me in a minute but I'm also going to explain how I've learnt to embrace them. It can be really hard to learn to love the little things you don't like about yourself, but when you finally do you're going to realise just how much happier you feel.

These are what I think of as my imperfections |
I'm overweight.
I have a bump on the bridge of my nose.
I have dark under eye circles.
My eyebrows are really bushy.
My upper arms have tiny little red spots all over them.
The ends of my fingers raise up a tiny bit.
I have tiny little scars where I scratched gnat bites when I was little.
I have a slightly damaged nail bed on my finger because I bite my nails when I'm stressed.
I cant take compliments because I think I'm ugly.

These are just some of the things I think of as imperfections but I'm learning to see all of these things as perfect. 

I'm overweight | So what? Its healthier than being malnourished.
Bump on the bridge of my nose | It adds character to my face.
Dark under eye circles | It means I should sleep a little longer and who doesn't love sleep.
My upper arms have tiny little red spots all over them | I love polka dot print.
The ends of my fingers raise up a tiny bit | Its a cool party trick (Not that I get invited to party's).
I have tiny little scars where I scratched gnat bites when I was little | It teaches me not to pick scabs.
slightly damaged nail bed | Just paint over it.
I cant take compliments | Learn to! I cant be that bad....

I just want to say that in no way do I see these things on other people as imperfections. This is just what I don't like on my body. Everyone I see is genuinely gorgeous but as some of you may know, us humans have a tendency to see what makes everyone else beautiful, ugly on ourselves. My sister has the same bump in the bridge of her nose but she looks beautiful. I just have a mindset that I'm ugly, I always have and I always will so all these little things are things that I feel look horrible on me, not anyone else. I have learnt over time that even though I don't like these things about me, it shouldn't matter. I shouldn't have to feel bad about myself for being who I am and looking how I do. 

These are all tiny little things but I've learnt over many years that its okay to have imperfections, just remember that all of those things add up to make you. Who you are is all of that and all the other bits and bobs in between. You are perfectly imperfect in this Barbie doll society. Your rare, one of a kind and that should be embraced. We are all different even in tiny ways but why fit in when you were born to stand out.

This might have seen like a pointless post and if I'm honest with you, I think I lost the point of my post about halfway through but oh well, that's just another little imperfection that makes me the quirky girl I am.

In the comment's below let me know some of the things you think are your imperfections. Do you love them, because you should. We are all beautiful and unique and we should embrace that fact each and everyday.

Bye for now xxx

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