Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Make up collection |

I wanted to do this post to show you what make up I use. Now I don't wear make up often but I have a small make up bag that has got all my essentials in it. I hope the photo quality of my pictures isn't to bad, so I hope you enjoy this post.

I keep all of my make up in this small little bag. I got this from superdrug a few years ago when they had all the Christmas gifts in. I think this is the perfect size for my make up, although it is very full so I might need to get a new one soon. As you can see from this picture, I keep my make up brushes in a separate pot. I did a post about my make up brushes a while ago, so if you want to take a look at then just click here or click on the image below.

So I basically tipped all of my make up onto my table so I could show you all the make up I have. I'm going to be showing you them separately but this is just to show you the amount of make up I have. I know my most have drawers full of make up but I don't like wearing a lot, I also find that some make up products make my skin really bad. 

Base |

Here are the products I use as a base on my face. I have my foundation, a tinted moisturiser and powder. For days when I want to get a bit of coverage but don't want my face to feel weighed down with foundation, I use the tinted moisturiser. I have had this for ages now so I should probably get rid out it at some point. My foundation is Maybelline's dream satin liquid in the shade Ivory. I really love this foundation as it doesn't feel to heavy on my skin. I blend my foundation in quite a bit because I want it to look more natural. My only issue with foundation is that I constantly worry I look to orange. The powder I use is Maybelline fit me in natural beige, I really like this power as it does what it needs to do and its quite cheap.

The thing I use is my concealer. This is my favourite product and I need to use it. I have dark circles under my eyes and it makes my face look fresher and gives me light under my eyes, if I don't use this then my eyes look awful. The concealer I use is Maybelline dream lumitouch.

Eyes | 
I like to make my eyes the main focus of my make up but I have quite a chubby face, so I find it difficult to make my eyes stand out. For my mascara I have a few that I use so I can layer up to give me volume. I have the fast last mascara that I got free with a magazine but its quite bad, I only showed you as its in my make up bag. I have a travel size No7 exceptional definition mascara that really good for a light coat of mascara. I then use the Maybelline Big eyes mascara that has two brushes, its has one which is very small to coat the lower lashes and a normal sized brush to apply to the top lashes. Now if I want to make my eyes really stand out with long lashes, I used the Rimmel London wonder'full mascara. This one has a a really good bush that's really flexible, so its great to apply mascara. I don't have the waterproof one but I'm going to get that soon. My favourite is the Rimmel London one as it gives a lot of volume to my eye lashes

My eye Shadow collection is a bit of a mish mash of colours. I have mainly neutral earthy colours but I do have some bright colours that came in a gift set. I have a fear cotton eye shadow pallet which has some really lovely earthy colours. I also have a little mix trio which are more glittery but are still good as they are browns which I use on my eyes normally. I have a body shop eye shadow which is a pale brown colour, I really like this as I think it has a good pigment. I have a small No7 shade which is a lovely cream colour, I like to use this in my inner corners to create more light around my eyes and to draw more attention to them. I have three colour's from accessories which is a deep charcoal grey, silver and an electric purple. These are colours I don't really use but would e nice if used very lightly.

Blusher |
I have two blushers which aren't branded. I got these in a set I got a Christmas and I think they re perfectly fine for what I need. I like to use the bigger blusher because its got two colours which look really nice and subtle when applied. I also have the benefit posie tint. I don't really use this but I think I should start using it more as my sister says its a really good product.

Eyebrows |
I have quite full brows naturally but sometimes they do need filling in just a little to give them more definition. I use the collection work the colour eyebrow git. I love this kit as it comes with  a clear brow mascara and the colours are really good. I normally use the medium brown shade on my eyebrows. The other product I have for my eyebrows is the No7 amazing brow pencil in shade 10. This is really good for filling in your eyebrows when they just need a little light definition.

Lips |
These are my lip products that I really love. I have an No7 lip gloss in the shade smile. I have three Tanya Burr lip glosses but the other one is in my handbag. I have the lip glosses in the shade's afternoon tea, aurora and smile, dream, sparkle. I also have a Rimmel London hate moss lipstick in shade 101.

I really hope you liked that post, I know is different for me to post about make up but I wanted to do this post for a few months. I do really want to post some make up looks but I will have to post different pictures of my face as I don't like showing my whole face on my blog. If I do then it will include close up pictures of my eyes, skin, eyebrows and lips. Please let me know if that's something you would be interested in.

Bye for now xxx