Saturday, 18 April 2015

Im not your typical teenager |

There are certain things I say and do that make me certain that I'm not a typical teenager. I don't go clubbing, I prefer to be home in bed by 5pm. I take pride in the fact I have a small slipper selection and I have a little tray to put my tea on.

When I was at school all my friends would go out after school, they would spend hours just walking round the area and sitting about at the local park. I never really saw the point of that, why spend hours out in the cold when you could be at home all snuggled in your Jim jams. My friends always used to bug me about going out but I just don't think they understood that I thought what they were doing was utterly pointless.

I love murder mystery programs like Jonathan creek and midsummer murders. I don't know a lot of 17 year olds who like settling down to a crime drama. I remember at school everyone was chatting about what they were doing that night, it got round to me and I was jut like "Oh well the brand new series of midsummer starts tonight", they all just went quite and looked at me with a pitying smile. I think I am the way I am because of my mum and dad, I've grown up watching the stuff they like and while some people develop their own taste in what they enjoy, I just sort of stuck with it. I love a good a good mystery and I like working it out for myself.

My obsession with cosy slippers is a little embarrassing but I love a nice pair of snuggly slippers. I have gone a bit over board though, 4 pairs of slipper socks, 2 pairs of cosy slippers, a massive Minnie mouse pair and my new addiction which is a pair of floral slippers, when I say slippers I the type of thing your nan would probably pop to the shops in. When I got them I saw a girl about my age in the shop buying a pair of high heels, while I was excited at the fact I got my slippers in a sale. 

While other people I know are out clubbing and getting drunk I prefer staying at home and watching doctor who or a comedy DVD. I find it so funny looking on facebook to see pictures of their nights out clubbing, half of them end up drunk on a toilet floor about to vomit. I think its great to go and out have fun, I'm not completely weird. It just seems like people just go out to get drunk and not enjoy themselves any more. I don't think I will ever be the type to go out clubbing, I think I'm just to much of a home girl.

I know this post seems pointless but I wanted to write about it because I think I don't act how a typical teenage would. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm just basing this on comparisons between me and people I know.

Bye for now xxx

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