Thursday, 19 March 2015

What's on my iPhone | Not much apparently

I thought I would do a what's on my iPhone post, my phone is always on and always on me. I keep most of my blogging bits and bobs on my phone and its like my little social media hub. I thought it would be fun but when I looked through my phone I realised that there's not that much on it, I will talk to you about some of the apps I use but this one will be a bit boring. I'm going to put a what's on my iPad post as well, that has a lot more on it and should be much better than the one you are about to read.

So  as you can see I have my lock screen and like any teenager I also have a lock on my phone. I just know that if I left my phone unlocked in my house, someone would go through it. Everything about my blog is on this phone and also my social media account's to my sister doesn't know about. Only you and the 300+ follows on twitter I have know about it. I've also just got instagram and as much as I love my sister, I don't want her laughing at my instagram which is currently filled with pictures of slippers and pasta.

I don't like the first page of my phone to cluttered so I only have the typical apple apps on the screen. Along the bottom I keep the phone app, email and the Internet. I have to keep my emails at the bottom to remind me to read them, if I don't then they back up. Much they they are currently. Don't be fooled by the amount, this is just notifications from facebook, twitter and a lot of junk mail. I keep the app store and itunes in a separate folder so I don't get to distracted and buy loads of stuff I don't need.

The finance section which has
more apps not related to finance than actual finance apps. This is for all the apps that annoy me being on the home screen. I don't use any of these apart from my Barclay's app, its so wonderful seeing yourself get poorer every day, haha. I don't go into settings, I've got a system update that i wont do, my phone doesn't sync with itunes and I'm not loosing everything on my phone for a slightly different font, or whatever apple have decided to change this time.

Onto page two now, this is where I keep the games, social media and music. I only have temple run and two dots fro games on my phone, I keep all the good games on my iPad. In my music block I have three apps, two of which aren't available on the app store any more, it think they got taken of being they probably weren't aloud, but hey if its on the apps store then I think that's okay. That is also the reason why I wont be deleting them anytime soon. I also have the music app that's on every apple gadget. I do have spotify but I think that's in another folder for some reason.

The extra section is for the things I rarely use, I have my contacts, calculate and compass. I don't really see the point of the compass for me, I rarely go outside my natural environment which is Morrison's or my local town, I just read that and it makes me sound like some wild animal. I have 13 contacts which is an improvement, last year I only had 6. The social block is filled with the things I use on a daily basis. My twitter which I don't think I could live without. Bloglovin' is great as I love reading blog posts on the go. For torchwood, doctor who and harry potter related things and gifs I use tumblr, although when I use this for to long my phone freezes and restarts, I think the excitement is just to much for it. I don't use facebook on my phone, I don't use facebook on my phone and when I do, I don't write status because I don't want people I don't really like knowing my business. Just to clarify, I'm talking about my personal facebook, I  set up a new one and a facebook page (Which no one likes) for my blog, you all know I tell you pretty much anything that happens. 

Instagram which I have become slightly obsessed with. I now have 10 followers which is good for me, considering I post picture's of pasta and slippers. Bloggabase is something I joined and I don't really use it, I just had it on there and forgot to delete it. Everypost is such a great app for me, I schedule my posts about my blog. You can schedule 7 days at a time and I find this so useful to promote my blog. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed that rather dull post, I just thought that it would be fun to do and well its another blog post to upload. Any apps that you recommend, leave a comment below.

Bye for now xxx

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