Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's on my iPad

I wanted to do a what's on my iPad. I keep more on here than what I have on my iPhone and wanted to share it with you, I will list all the apps I have just in case any of you want to know.

So as you can see I have my lock screen which I have my Alice in wonderland picture. I saw these on eBay and I going to be getting myself some soon to put on my wall, I like a good quote and this is to remind that I cant go back to yesterday because I was different and its in the past. My iPad has a password on it, I'm not that silly to leave it unlocked for everyone to use. When you get into my iPad I have my home page which i like to keep clear of clutter. I just keep my iMessage, app store and face time. I keep Google chrome and my clock at the bottom. I use chrome on this because I find it better to use than safari.

On the second page I have all the stuff I use on a day to day basis. I have the video app which has all the usual bits and bobs in. I categorise most of my apps so it doesn't look to cluttered. I have my watpad app on her, I don't write stories on it but I am reading "Voldemorts daughter" which I am surprisingly enjoying. One of the blocks I have is for candle apps. I love a nice candle and I don't like using all mine, so I like to have an app to put on display sometimes.

As you can see I have the art and games blocks. In the art block I keep the apps, sketchbook, art set and brushes. I don't use these that much but I love to draw and its nice sometimes to do sometime on my ipad, I use my stylus when I do any art on here because its much easier. In the game block I keep the games I don't use that often. As you can see, I do like snooker so I have a nice little selection of games, I have 8 Ball pool, Pro pool 2015, Pro snooker and Pool. I also have a golf app called Pro feel gold and the torchwood app.

Here I have my music and productivity blocks. In my music block I have four apps, two of which aren't available on the app store any more, it think they got taken of being they probably weren't aloud, but hey if its on the apps store then I think that's okay. That is also the reason why I wont be deleting them any time soon. I also have the music app that's on every apple gadget. I also have spotify. I don't use the productive block, its just for the apps I don't really use.

Like I said previously, the productivity app has the apps I don't really use. In the lifestyle block I keep my eBay app, gumtree and safari.

Here I have another lifestyle block and the currently playing block. In the lifestyle block, which I need to rename, has all my interior design apps. I love interior design and I spend hours creating the perfect kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. The apps I have are home design gold, homestyler, magic plan and home design. The homestyler app connects to the website where you do the designs, it shows you a gallery of what you have done. In the currently playing block I keep all the games I use all the time. In here I have Minecraft PE, Lego Harry Potter years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 and Sims freeplay. I love the Lego games as they are really good, you can do all the spells by making symbols on the screen and you play most of the scenes in the film. My favourite part of the game is playing as Molly when she's duelling with Bellatrix.

In this block I keep all my photo editing apps. I only really use one of these apps to do my ediditn. I have Rhonna, Pic collage, Pic jointer and Instaeditor. The only one I really use is Rhonna. This app is brilliant and helps me create some great typography pictures for my blog.

Bye for now xxx

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