Friday, 20 March 2015

The Versatile Award |

I have been nominated to do this award by a few lovely bloggers including Bria Lou, Yasmina and a few other lovely bloggers.
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7 Facts About Me |

I have to screen shot my lock screens, this makes me sound really odd but its like a little compulsion and I have to screen shot the times. My whole family think this is really weird but I hate it if I don't do it. I screen shot times like 23:45 because the numbers are in order, I do it when its a quarter to or past the hour. I also do it right on the hour, every half hour and if the number's a multiple (Like 12:24 because 2x12 is 24). I know this is really weird but I just feel the urge to do it.

I have a guinea pig called Cinnamon that I'm actually allergic to. I really love her and she is quite a needy little animal, she loves her cuddles and squeaks for attention all the time. I get a rash all over my neck when I pick her up and I sneeze an awful lot because of her. She stays in my room in her indoor cage and is quite a pamper pet, she has a bath every three days, gets her hair brushed and cut every week (By me).

I love Musical theatre even though I have never seen a show. I just love the music in them and if I could actually sing then I would love to play Eponine in Les miserables, Elphaba in Wicked or even miss.honey in Matilda.

I am obsessed with doctor who and have been ever since it came back in 2005. *Geek Alert!* I just love the idea of travelling through space and time meeting aliens and helping protect other planets. I also like the idea of a handsome man in a blue box whisking me away to far away places and showing me galaxies. I also think I would make an excellent companion, I think I would be a lot like Donna Noble. I'm the girl who can watch a whole season in a day and still want to watch more.

I really love baking. I just find t really therapeutic and I love creating my own recipes. I also really love decorating cakes, I would love to, one day, own a little bakery that would be really shabby chic. My favourite thing at the moment to bake is Tanya Burr's triple chocolate cookies.

I keep all the cards from my mum, dad, sister and aunt and uncle. I also keep all the little things my cousin's make me or draw for me in a little memory box. I love looking through the box and re reading cards because it just reminds me how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. In my memory box I also keep little sentimental things that mean a lot to me, like me GCSE timetable that I crossed off when I had finished each one, the balloon my aunt got me for passing my exams and the little blue cancer sign ribbon that we wore in memory of my teacher when he died.

I love stationary to the point where I have over thirty notebooks and I still buy more every time I go out. I just love the smell of new stationery, I love a nice pen and I love going into paperchase. I know I don't need to buy any more stationery but I just cant help myself, I just love having a beautiful notebook and pen to write down little lists.

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