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Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour | Review

Today I'm going to do an album review. Its very rare that I find an album that I virtually fall in love with, on most albums there are always about three and sometimes more, tracks that I just don't think are great and wish that they weren't on the album. Thanks to spotify I have been able to listen to the Sam Smith album, I can hear you all now "But that that album was out ages ago", yes I know I'm a bit late to listen to the album but the truth is I just don't normally have the patients to listen to the full album. I'm going to do a track by track review simply because I think this album is like perfection, gold dust in my ears and I cant think of anything else to say, so I think its time to get straight into this review.

Money on my mind |
I really love this song, its got such a great beat behind it and the lyrics are just really great. To me this song really makes me think of youtubers, that sounds weird but let me elaborate. They don't make videos for the money, they make them for their viewers and the love they get for it, to be honest the moneys just a nice little bonus.
Favourite lyrics |
 I don't have money on my mind I do it for the love.

Good thing |
I love the start of this song as I think the instruments used really set the tone for the song. I just really love all the lyrics, it talks about how to much of  good thing wont be good any more. Even though you love someone, if they don't love you or its a bad relationship then the good thing just becomes bad.
Favourite lyrics |
Although you made my heart sing, to stay with you would be wrong.

Stay with me |
This song has become one of my favourites, it has such beautiful lyrics and you can just hear the passion in Sam's voice. This song sounds like its about how he needs his partner even though what they have together isn't love, he just needs them.
Favourite lyrics |
 I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Leave your lover |
This is one I have had on repeat for god knows how long, I think the acoustics at the starts really set the tone of the song. I think the lyrics are relatable to a lot of people and I can relate to some of the lyrics, I think that's why I love it so much.
Favourite lyrics |
Oh, I'm in love with you and you will never know,
But if I can't have you I want this life alone.

I'm not the only one |
The start is really good and is a very good beat. I like this song because its talking about how someone you love and trust would break marriage vows, but lie about it. I think this is great because  some people have been in situation's like this and it must be horrible.
Favourite Lyrics | 
For months on end I've had my doubts
Denying every tear.

I've told you now |
I do like this song, there are just other I love more. I think this is a really great song and the music behind the lyrics just has an amazing beat
Favourite lyrics | 
Why should I resist when you are there for me?

Like I can |
I am in love with this song and have been for some time now, I think its just so powerful and relates to so many people. I think everyone has had this though at one point in there life and I can sing this at the top of my lungs, loose my voice and still attempt to sing it. I have a love for this song for so many reasons, I think the lyrics are so relatable for me personally and I can listen to this on repeat for hours.
Favourite lyrics |
 We both have demons, that we can't stand
I love your demons, like devils can

Life support |
Again I love this song, I think its such a beautiful song and is filled some great lyrics.
Favourite lyrics | 
This is my world, this is my choice
And you're the drug that gets me through

Not in that way |
Another amazing song on this album, I think this is sung with such emotions and is again so relatable. I think the lyrics are very clever, with how they are written and that's what I love. These lyrics "You will never know that feeling, You will never see through these eyes" is beautiful. To me its saying, you cant see how much I love you and you never will.
Favourite lyrics |
I'd never ask you, Cause deep down I'm certain I know what you'd say. You'd say I'm sorry, Believe me I love you, But not in that way

Lay me down |
I think this song is very powerful, there are certain lyrics that sound like they could be related to suicide. The line "Don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight". I might be reading this all wrong but that's what I got from this song, I think it is a very good song about the power of love.
Favourite lyrics |
No words can explain the way I’m missing you
Deny this emptiness, this hole that I’m inside
These tears, they tell their own story

Restart |
I love this song because I love the music behind the lyrics. I think this is a great song for so many reasons. To me this about getting over someone and how he's getting on with his life. I think this is such a great upbeat song.
Favourite lyrics |
You keep coming back for me when you're the one who tore us apart
And the truth is I'm better on my own
And I don't wanna live in the past

Latch - Acoustic |
I love the piano into on this song, it eases you into the song well. I feel like this song is about endless love. I think it basically him asking for a chance, because you know your only complete and happy with this one person.
Favourite Lyrics |
You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around

La la la |
I heard this song a while ago and really enjoyed it. I think this song is about
people who are feeling hurt when people constantly put them down, you just have enough and don't listen to it. You realise there words are nothing and are unimportant.
Favourite lyrics |
I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning off the volume when you speak
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,
I'll find a way to block it

Make it to me |
This is the last song on the album and one of the best, I love all the lyrics in this song and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I feel like its talking about someone looking for love, they just want to be loved and to love someone with all there heart.
Favourite Lyrics |
You're the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete

I hope you liked that, if you did feel free to share it on twitter or anything you like. I know I didn't go into that much detail, its hard to put into words what a song means to you as everyone has a different view of it. I just love how out of this unrequited love Sam Smith managed to get himself four grammy's, its just goes to show that out of that heartbreak he did something amazing and shared what everyone feels at some point in their lives, in the form of a best selling album. I cant wait to hear more from him.

Bye for now xxx

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