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Mothers day gift guide |


So this Sunday is mothers day and I thought I would do a little gift guide on what to get or what to make. Now my mum never wants us to make a fuss but I think its nice to treat her to bits and bobs I know she loves. Now I don't have loads of money to spend but its not all about money, my mum loves the little things that have had thought put into them. In this post I will be sharing some of the little things that are really nice and inexpensive gifts.

Now I looked around online to find some really lovely gifts, so below are some of my favourite finds that are quite cheap but are still great products or great days out. I haven't mentioned loads because I have more ideas that are either free or very cheap but equally as nice to give to your mum as a present.

In the body shop they have some really great gift sets starting from £6.
 They have a little set which has two 60ml bottles in it. One of them is a shower gel and the other is a body pure, the set also comes with a crinkle bath lily. 

If you want to get something a little bigger then thy have a lovely set which includes a 250ml shower gel, a 50ml body butter, 75ml body polish, a 100g bar of soap and a crinkle bath lily. This is priced at £17.00 which I think is very good because if you purchased all these products separately then you would probably be paying more.

If your a bit older and can afford it, you could take your mum out shopping for the day and could treat her to an afternoon tea. I think this is a really great idea and there are some places that are really affordable. Patisserie Valerie offer an afternoon tea which is £25 for two people. This could be a really lovely way to spend the day. I know patisserie Valerie offer this in some cafĂ©'s but pop on over to there website to see if one near you has this available.

Now onto the more creative and inexpensive ideas, I have done a few of these when I was younger and I still think that they are really sweet little ideas that any mother would love. After all, its the thought counts.

Make a photo book |
This is probably the simplest thing you could do but I know it would be something my mum would love. My mum loves to keep photos as nice little keepsakes and its a really fun way to get creative. Make a photo album, dedicate pages to each person special in your mums life. I would make a page about her and her mum, sister, children and all the other important people to my mum. You can write nice little messages to her and add really sweet and personal touches.

Write a lovely card | 
My mum keeps all the cards me and my sister make or get her. You could make your own or you could go on Moonpig and create a really lovely photo card. Write a really lovely message to her and make her feel appreciated. I know I don't tell my mum how much she means to me enough and I think this is a great way to show your appreciation.

Thank you for all you've done | 
This is something that I guarantee will make your mum cry, with happy tears of course. Make a little book or get a really nice Little jar and fill it will little messages that tell her all the things she has done for you. This could be something like holding your hand when your scared or even for being the person who knows whats wrong before you do. My mum always knows what's wrong with me and shes always been there to hold my hand when I'm scared, from the first day of school to my last day she has always been the person I can guarantee to make me smile and be there for me.

Flowers | 
All the supermarkets do little deals on flowers and you can get a really lovely bunch, try and find out what your mums favourite flowers are and maybe get her a bunch. 

Chocolate | 
You cant go wrong with chocolate, well in my family anyway. Get a nice box of chocolates, wrap them up in a pretty wrapping paper and your mum's going to love them. I know that most places are doing offers on chocolate for mothers day and some shops even do deals where you can get a little packages which includes chocolates and flowers.

Bath bombs | 
Bath bombs are something my whole family love, now I know that places like lush can be expensive so you could always look at places like Bomb cosmetics. There bath bombs are really affordable and smell fantastic. Just a small selection of products and maybe a nice bubble bath will be the perfect treat for a pamper night.

An I.O.U book | 
Now this is something which could be great for people who are really on a budget. I made my mum an little book like this when I was about ten. I filled it with little things like do the washing up, the hoovering and keep my room tidy. It sounds really silly but I know my mum appreciated it because these are all the things that she probably hates having to do. 

Well I hope you liked that post. I know I haven't got the best ideas but this was more of a do it yourself gift guide. I know that some gifts can be quite expensive and the day is just about showing your mum how much you love and appreciate her. You don't need to spend loads of money when you can get creative and make something more special than a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates.

Bye for now xxx

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