Sunday, 1 March 2015

Letter to my future self | 22

I say Carrie Hope Fletcher may a video which was a letter to her 16 year old self, I thought I would do that but write a letter to my future self. I'm uploading it now which might seem weird but I'm setting a date in my calendar (Hotmail) which will go of on my 22nd birthday, I do hope you enjoy this and I wanted to do this so that I can keep looking back and just see if anything has changed.

Hello there,

Depending on how you life has turned out at this point then you will either find this helpful or slightly pathetic. At this point in our life everything seems to be okay I know that it could be better but I'm in a happy place. Have we achieve any of my goals, is this blog averagely popular? Have we finished writing that book yet or did we give up on that a long time ago. 

I'm writing this is 2015 and its safe to say that this past year brought good and bad times for us, whether or not you remember how we felt at this time, just remember that it turned out well and we ended up happy and content. They year started of terrible with so much doubt about where we were going and what our purpose was. At times we felt so alone that we didn't want anyone else to know what we were thinking. Are we still that guarded? Or have things changed. 

We got our first job and met some incredible people who made work so much fun. This was the thing that made us realise that we wanted our future to be more that what we originally hoped. At 16 we didn't see a career,  we just saw a little job that managed to get us by but when you turned 17 in 2014 that's when it changed. We realised that we wanted more and by more I mean that we wanted a career in writing. In 2013 we found our love of books which is odd but reading wasn't something we did a lot of as a child, but books became an escape from reality and we realised that if books could be a comfort to us, then we wanted to make a book that meant something and that could give other people a little escape. I hope we are happy, maybe we've settled down with someone, well its not likely but we didn't always have an over active imagination. I hope you still have that imagination that's got us through so many years. 

Do we still love Tom Fletcher from Mcfly, I really hope we do I remember that we also had a bit of a thing for Matt Smith as well but maybe that was because you loved doctor who, oh and that better not have changed because doctor who is incredible, I do hope Peter Capaldi isn't still the doctor, I mean he was good but maybe Benedict Cumberbatch is the new owner of the tardis.........ooohhhhh that would be nice. Moving on!

Do feel incredibly old yet, we felt old this year because one of our cousins started secondary school, oh we were sentimental where family were concerned and I really hope we still are, as much they can irritate you remember that we realised that we would be nothing without them and if they were to ever change then it would just seem odd. It may be a small little bunch we have but its one of the strongest families out there, no one Else's could compare to what you had and I hope to god you still have it. I cant imagine being 22 at this time, but since this is a letter to me in the future and if I'm reading this then I've reached 22 which seems so weird to me now.

Apart from our goals I hope nothing has changed, I hope we are working towards our dream still and not letting anything get in our way. I've scheduled this in your email calendar so hopefully you had a little reminder to come back to our blog, we might have stopped it by then or maybe we continued but are doing bigger things as well.

All my love
Chloe aged 17

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