Thursday, 12 March 2015

If I stay | Review

Today I saw 'If I stay' and I thought it was really good. I will admit I cried for the last twenty minutes but I think that's acceptable. This film was filled with some great quotes, not that that's relevant but I just needed to mention it.

The film was a little confusing to follow at the beginning but I soon got the story line. If I stay is about a girl called Mia's decision to live or die. Her family have a car accident and one by one her mum, dad and brother die. Its up to her whether she stays alive or joins her family in death. The story is set between a hospital and the story of how she got to this point in her life. It takes you through her childhood, her love of the cello and the story of how she falls in love. It shows all the events that led up to the car crash and shows her in the hospital. The scenes when she see's herself in the hospital with her friends around her had me in floods of tears. There's one part when her grandad is sitting by her bedside talking to her. He tells her how even though they would miss her and been deeply saddened by her death, they would understand as she wouldn't be living in a world without her mum, dad and brother.

I will admit that when the crash first happens and Mia is at the hospital as, she is there but no one else can see her. I understood that it was her seeing her life from an outside view and that she was almost a ghost. What I found difficult to understand is the scenes out of the hospital. It went to scenes which could have been in the past or the future, which led me to believe that they all survived. It was only until we learn that her mother died that you soon realise she is seeing events that led up to the crash. It talks about her childhood further into the film. I really loved the film once it was clear what was going on, I particularly loved seeing her relationship with Adam develop, they are charters which are sort of the polar opposite off each other and it was brilliant to see the beautiful relationship they develop. I wont spoil the ending for you but its such a lovely film to watch and appreciate what you have, for me it was a wake up call that anything can happen and I could lose all the people I love within a matter of seconds. It made me cry a lot because of that reason, I think with films like this you should imagine, as terrible as it is, that you are the character and then I think you can fully understand the decision she faces.

The acting in this was phenomenal, Chloe Grace Moretz  delivered the role of Mia with such beauty and passion. The rest of the actors were also great but I feel like Chloe's performance as Mia was perfect and made the film so emotional, also I love the chemistry between her character and Adam. The music in the film was so amazing, there's a cover Beyonce's halo which sounds phenomenal. Also the song "Heart like yours", oh my goodness, this gives me goosebumps. I love this so much and the vocals are to die for. 

I think if you are into romance/tragedy films then this is perfect, this was base on a book which I really want to read.

Bye for now xxx

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