Sunday, 15 March 2015

Disney Prinesess | My thoughts

When I was little I only had the main princesses. I grew up with Snow White, Cinderella, aurora, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel. Mulan and Pocahontas were princesses but I didn't really like the films so I didn't really put them in the princess category. I used to love Disney as a little girl because I loved the idea of faiytale's, I loved the adventures each princess took and I think I knew that I always wanted my own prince charming. I think each princess taught me a lot, I think from my favourite princesses I learnt that beauty isn't everything, I mean Belle fell in love with the beast. I learnt that money couldn't but love, Jasmine fell in love with a 'street rat' and she wasn't impressed when he pretended to be a rich prince. Since I've grown up we have seen more fairytale characters be added to Disney's princesses. We now have Rapunzel, Tiana, Elsa, Anna and Merida. All of these princesses show more girl power in a way. They are all strong independent women who know what they want, I think these modern day princesses are great and I think they are teaching little girls all over the world how to be a women, that sounds odd but what I mean is that they are showing them that they are just as good as boys, that they don't need a man to be happy. They teach the importance of family and love and these are all amazing things. I will always prefer the princesses I grew up with because they are who I wanted to be. I think the original princesses had the fairytale where she needed to find love, what I loved about them was that I was drawn to the princesses that had their own minds and were strong characters, the characters I had something in common with.

Cinderella |
I liked Cinderella when I was little but I she was never my favourite, I think that even when I was young I found it hard to believe that a man would spend so much time trying to find the women who owned the glass's slipper. Also glass, really? If I had a glass slipper then it would just break, we never saw Cinderella with superglue in case it broke. I think Cinderella was just blinded by love and was desperate to get out of the situation she was in.

Snow White |
Now Snow White used to annoy me, I just don't get why she ran away but stayed quite close. I get that the queen wanted to kill her but she could have gone a bit further, also they must of had some sort of police back then. She could have gone into some kind of witness protection but instead she goes and lived with seven men. I don't know I've never really viewed Snow White as a princess that did anything.

Ariel |
I did love the little mermaid when I was little, my dad had the film on laser disc and we used to watched it, I think we had the second film as well but I cant remember. While I loved the little mermaid I did find it annoying how she couldn't just be happy as mermaid. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was little, she had the whole ocean to swim around and could talk to fish, crabs and other other animals. I just feel like she should have just stayed in the sea, it was better for everyone.

Aurora |
I loved Aurora when I was little because I just loved her dress. If I'm honest I think I just loved the fairy's because I thought they were pretty cool. Her story is a bit unbelievable and I did prefer the version in Maleficent. I just think it was very unrealistic that she was cursed with a spell that made her sleep for 100 years. Also the fact it would only happen if she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel. If you know that was going to happen, being a responsible parent you would have thought that they might just burn them all or possibly taken every spinning wheel out of the area they lived. But no, of course they didn't use any common sense, they just stuffed all the spinning wheels in one room that Aurora happened to stumble upon. Also I was never sold on the idea of only true loves kiss will wake her or bring her back to life. I guess that's why I'm not a fan of Snow White either, oh well.

Jasmine |
Now Jasmine was one of my favourite's. I loved the fact that she had her own mind and knew what she wanted. She didn't want an arranged marriage, she understood why her dad wanted her to be married but she knew her own mind. She wanted freedom and a life, she meets Aladdin and falls for him, she does care that he has no money, that's what I loved about jasmine. Also I was madly in love with her outfits, she had some beautiful outfits didn't she? I also love the fact she had a tiger as a pet, it just looked so soft and cuddly.

Belle | 
Belle is a bookworm like me, she doesn't really fit in and she wants adventure in her life. She wants more than the little town she lives in. The one thing that belle had that I don't is beauty but I think that's why I loved her, I imagined that when I grew up I could look like Belle, I'm still working on that haha. I loved how she sacrificed herself so that her dad could be let free. She started to see there was more to the beast than this scary fa├žade he put on. The beast gave Belle her own library and it was the really cool library that had ladders to reach the books. I was always so mesmerised by the scene in the ballroom. Belle and the Beast dancing round the room with the starry night sky out the window. I think its something every girl dreamt of happening, I certainly could picture dancing in that ballroom with someone. 

As you can tell from the last two paragraphs both Jasmine and Belle are my Disney Princesses, they were the ones when I was little that had more to them than an awful back story and and easy romance. They both knew exactly who they were and what they wanted, they didn't fall in love for money. The saw something in Aladdin and the Beast that made them fall in love and they showed girls that there more to some people that what you see. Please let me know in the comments who your favourite Disney princess is, has it changed since you were little? Or did you stay loyal to the princess you grew up with.

Bye for now xxx

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