Monday, 16 March 2015

Comic Relief | £78 Million raised!

So today I wanted to talk about comic relief or red nose day as its more commonly known. Last Friday (13th March) here in the UK we had red nose day. This is a charity was set up 30 years "which strives to create a just world, free from poverty. We’ll do just about anything to see that vision become a reality and our mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment". Comic relief hold a entertainment nigh every year which is shown on the BBC. It brings comedians, actor, singers and other TV personality's together to create funny sketches and videos that will be shown on the night. Celebrities raise money by doing challenges, this year Dermot O'Leary danced for 24 hours which managed to raise over six hundred thousand pounds for the charity. The main work they do is to help our people in Africa, its aim is to provide clean water, mosquito nets, housing and help to those in poverty. Celebrities go out to the different villages in Africa and see for themselves just how they have to live. These visits are filmed and shown on the night. Its really upsetting to see just what they have to go through, children looking after their siblings because their parents died, others spend their days on rubbish dumps collecting plastic bottles to get a small amount of money so they can eat. It makes you appreciate what you have and shows you that we need to do something. £25 can buy 10 mosquito nets and to be honest this is a small amount of money that's easily raised. 

To children in the UK comic relief is more commonly known as red nose day. Shops sell red noses which have little faces on, I remember wearing mine at school and normally schools will have non uniform days where you wear something red. There are lots of fundraising events that go on a few weeks before the big night, these events can be things like bake sales, charity bike rides or even just doing "something funny for money". This year the comedy sketches were brilliant. They did a sketch from Little Britain, Vicar of Dibley and they even did a funny interview about Daniel Craig. I think this is a night filled with laughter and tears but the amount people money that we raised as a country was incredible. This year comic relief raise just over 78 million pounds and since it stared 30 years ago the amount raised is over 1 Billion pounds. Even if you donate just £1, that's still going to help someone. You can still donate now so I'm going to leave the links below. I know that its over for this year but you can still go over to their website and see some of the incredible work they do and look at the history of the whole Charity. I have no doubt that next year will be even bigger and better than this years and even more money will be raised for an amazing cause.

What fundraising days do you have in your county, let me know in the comments as I would love to know what events you hold for charity.

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