Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Living in a shadow | Comparison


Today I want to chat about comparison and how it can affect people. Our whole lives we are and always will be compared to others, whether that's in school, college or work. I've never had an issue with being compared to other people at school, simply because i knew that I was doing my best. I knew that other people would be better than me at things but I never really cared, I liked the fact that in a way I was unique. We even do i ourselves, we look at other people and compare lives. Now I think its okay to do that but when its other people comparing you to another then it can get to you.

Now the reason I wanted to talk about comparison is because I think its a completely different matter when your are compared to family. Now my whole life I have been compared to my sister, now these are comparison that my relatives make and well....it gets to me. I love my sister with all my heart but I feel like I'm living in her shadow, people compare us and it makes me feel inadequate. Now my sister is beautiful, skinny, popular and is making plans for the future whereas I'm not skinny, I'm not beautiful and I've never been popular. Now people at school would always compare me and her, teachers would say how different we were and say how we look nothing like each other. 

I remember sitting in my form room in year 8, my sister walked in to ask my form tutor about some work and she said hello to me. Its then that my class realised she was my sister, that then led to the boy I sat next to turning round to the boy behind and saying "Isn't that weird? Chloe's sister gorgeous and slim and well Chloe's just ugly". I know its not my sister fault but that made me feel like sh*t if I'm honest with you. I know I don't look like her but I don't need to be told how ugly I am. I think people will siblings will understand where I'm coming from, its like people expect you to be like your older siblings. People already have a view of what your family is like by the older children and then criticise you when your not like them at all.

There a song that was cut from frozen called more than just a spare. I think its really relatable and if you want to hear it, click the picture of Anna and Elsa and it will take you to YouTube clip I found.

Because I'm the youngest it feels like whenever I achieve something its always compared to my sisters achievement's. In a way that's why I started this blog. No one in my family knows and its the one thing my sister hasn't done. She started a blog a month after I did but didn't write any posts. Now I know that I'm a terrible blogger, my writing style is awful and I'm not great with spelling and grammar but I have found the one thing that I enjoy, the thing that no one else in my family has done and its the one thing people cant compare. 

I feel like I'm constantly trying to live up to whatever my sister has done, I seek approval for people who don't matter because I know that I have to prove my worth. To people looking at our lives, I'm the girl with no job, friends and a bit of a screw up. Whereas my sister has a job, goes to uni, has a good social life and is basically golden girl to everyone else. Is it wrong for me to not want to live in her shadow, I feel like I constantly have to catch up to her and prove that I can do it. People just assume that I cant and make a judgement before they know what I can do, they compare us but it seems to be me that gets the bad end of it.

If your one of the people that finds yourself comparing other people then please just think before you speak, think about how it might affect the person your saying it to. Do make people feel like they have to live in the shadow of their siblings. I think people assume that because siblings are related, they should be the same. I've had to realise that I'm not her, I'm not the pretty, skinny and popular girl. I'm the girl who loves doctor who, writing/ reading romance novels and enjoys pouring my heart out to you lovely people online. This is the once place I cant be compared to her, granted I'm probably contestant compared to other blogger's but to me that doesn't matter. Just being me and saying what I think has managed to get me a lovely little following and I couldn't be more grateful for that.

Please let me know your thought in the commend. If you liked this post then +1 it, share it or do whatever you like with it.

Bye for now xxx

Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday 30th March 2015 | Dream journal

Now over the past week I have been watching a lot of horror films, mainly about clowns which is insane considering I have a phobia of them. I guess I just want to face my fear, it didn't work out that well considering these clowns have been the main reason I cant sleep and when I do, they have been making appearances. Now I shouldn't have watched clown films because I'm so scared, I just find it so scary how they have a painted on smile and they just look so creepy. Sorry to anyone who is a clown by trade but you know, just don't come near me and we will get along just fine, haha

So last night when I finally managed to get to sleep, I was in this weird house. It was dimly lit with candles and I was looking for my family, out of the corner of my eye I kept on seeing this clown, hearing its footsteps, I could hear it breathing. When I found my family I told them but they said I was being silly. We left the house and then the whole dream changed, I was then at Centre parks with my parents and I was in this tiny little room. My phone broke in my dream and I kept on waking up to find that my dream was real, I was stuck in a dream cycle that only broke when I woke up for real. At Centre parcs I kept on seeing this person hiding outside my window, it got closer and closer and that's when I realised it was the same clown.

The next part of my dream saw me in the bake off tent. I was really happy that I was on the great British bake off but I was competing against Mary Berry, its safe to say that Mary won. In my dream I kept on seeing this clown, I was then walking home in the dark and it was still following me. I turned around to be greeted by this monstrous smile and it grabbed me. At that point I woke up in a panic, I switched my telly and my lamp on to check that I was alone. I then had to sleep with Hollyoaks playing in the background. I wont be watching any more clown horrors so hopefully that will be it for the clown dreams.

I looked on dreamforth to see what it said about my weird dream and to see if there's more meaning behind it than what I think. Here's what it said about Houses "If the house is empty, it connotes feelings of insecurity. Shifts and changes in the house indicate change and progression of your personality and beliefs." now this sounds a little relatable, I have been having feelings of insecurity lately and it has been playing on my mind a lot.

Here's what it said about clowns "If you have a fear or phobia of clowns, the clown may symbolise an unknown figure who may want to hurt you in some way. This may be someone who is taking advantage of you or not showing you their true self." Now I don't know of anyone who would want to hurt me, I just feel like I dreamt of the clown because I have been watching horror movies with clowns in.

I also looked up stalking as in my dream the clown was following me wherever I "To dream that you are being stalked implies that you are refusing to deal with issues in your life. These issues will not disappear if you simply choose to elude them. You must face them. If you are being stalked in real life, then this is being incorporated into your dream.". Now I had something in my life that I haven't dealt with, I've just allowed myself to push it aside and assume that I can get over it with the help of self help books. (Its nothing serious so don't worry).

It was really interesting to see what my dream could have meant and some aspect's are true, but if I'm completely honest I think that I dreamt of clowns because I stupidly watched a film with them in. here's a tip: If you have a phobia of something, don't watch a horror film about it.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Monthly favourites | March 2015*


Beauty product:
This month I have been using my maybelline dream lumitouch concealer an awful lot. Now I don't wear foundations and powder, I just dab a tiny bit on my spots and under my eyes as I have really dark under eye circle's which I like to cover up. It may seem weird that I just use the concealer but I blend it in well enough so that it doesn't really notice.

Lush product;
Heart throb bubble bar. I managed to get this bubble bar after Valentines day and I was so happy. I really love the smell and I like that its two small bars stuck together with a soap. It turns the bath a vibrant red and adds a tiny gold shimmer to the bubbles. I really hope Lush bring this product back next year as I would buy like ten of them, they are just so good.

Princess Diaries has made a comeback to my movie choices recently. I recorded them a few months a go and a few weeks ago I watched princess diaries 1 and loved it just as much as I did when I was younger. In the same day I also watched princess diaries 2 | Royal engagement. I really loved these films growing up and after watching them again I learnt some valuable life lessons, I think I got these lessons when I watched them years ago, but now that I'm older I understand what it means. I had to get the DVDs which I found on Amazon for £3.99 each, I thought that was a bargain. If you want to get the DVDs the just click on the images and it will take you to the website.


Bubblegum bottles have been top of my list. These are my favourite sweets and you can only really get them from pick n mix stands. Luckily we went shopping a few days ago and my mum got me a few. I have been savouring every last one, they are just so delicious and I love them even more for the fact that they are hard to find.

TV series;
Poldark is one program I never thought I would watch. It was out a few decades ago and has made  comeback. Now me and my mum like to watch this on a Sunday evening, I'm not going to tell you what its about because the truth is....I don't really know. I know a little bit of the plot line but me and my mum are not watching it for its historical story, were watching it because of Aidan Turner. He is one hansom looking chap and me and my mum do love the topless scenes, haha. I do like the story lines but I think if it was a really old creepy looking man then I wouldn't watch it. 

I recently purchased "Loves me not | How to survive (and thrive!) in the face of unrequited love" by Samara O'Shea. You'll probably be able to guess from the title why I got this book so I'm not going into detail. I am really enjoying this book, its sort of self help and her writing style has a lot of humour involved which I really love. It puts a lot of things into perspective and basically tells you that its okay to feel what you do but you should use this to learn to love yourself. Now the only place I could find this book was on Amazon so if your interested in getting this book, click on the image and it will take you to the page.


Luke Spillane | Youtube | Twitter 

I stumbled across Luke's channel a few weeks ago and I fell in love with his videos instantly, simply on the basis that he chats about Doctor Who. Now those of you who have been here a while will know that I have a love or Dcotor who that will never go away. I love his videos because I can indulge in Doctor who goodness for a while and no one else I know actually likes Doctor who as much as I do, its like have an internet friend who I can fan girl about doctor who with. So if you love doctor who I would suggest you go over to his channel now and subscribe.

Me and my mum have been listing to a lot of 80's pop classics over the past week, which has meant us dancing round the kitchen for hours, laughing and singing very badly. Because of this, my favourite song for this month is Rick Astley's never gonna give you up. Its a very weird choice but its such a cool song and it was really fun just listening to songs that my mum grew up listening to when she was my age. 

My floral top that I got from new look a few months ago has been my favourite this month. Its just really comfortable and my cousin said it was really pretty, now she's quite a stylish little kid and that was a big compliment from her so that's why its been my favourite. Also its long enough to cover my big bum in jeans.

This month I have been doing more fun things with my mum, just things like dancing round the kitchen for hours on end singing to 80's classics.We also got my baby photos out and sat and laughed at the amount of photos I'm eating in. There are some funny ones of me riffling through our fridge for something nice to eat, what can i say? I've always had a big appetite I suppose. Also I have been loving Pinterest this month, I have found so many great bits on there and I'm going to be making boards for the dream home, follow me on Pinterest and ill follow you all back.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

Friday, 27 March 2015

Simply Be Sale |

I don't normally like buying clothes online but after shopping around for a while, I saw that Simply Be were having a mid season season sale with up to 40% off selected lines. Now I have seen a few bits I might get and I thought I would show you them, so let me know what you think in the comment's. I also go myself one item that I needed but I'll chat about all of this in a minute.

Now I joined the website so I could buy something and when I did, I was given a voucher for 10% off my first order, this also included free delivery which I thought was really good. If you like the look of any of the items, click on the image and it will take you to the web page.

What I got | 
Now all I got was a top and a bra, now I'm not showing you these to be weird but I said I would show you what I got and well, if you don't want to see then just scroll down a few lines.

Owl print T-Shirt | 
This top was only £5 and I thought the pattern was really cute. This might not be to every ones taste but I don't go to posh places, I normally just pop out shopping or to see friends so I wanted a top that I know will be comfortable and is something that I really like. I love the fact that it has a little pocket and because its a creamy colour, this will go with any colour jewellery (In my style opinion). 

Purple spot bra | 
Now this might be a little weird that I'm showing you this but if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm pretty open about everything. Because I'm a plus size women its hard to find bras that fit me. I found the perfect one on simply be and it was in the sale for £5 and they do pretty good sizes, if you have the same issue as me then pop over to the website as you might find something that's just right. I really liked the look of this (Not that anyone else will see me wearing this) and I think its nice to wear things you love, even if that included knickers and bras.

Things I might get | 

Praslin Love print T-Shirt | 
I think this top is really nice and I love the print. My only concern is that it looks quite fitted and I don't want it to cling to my body. This is in the sale for £15 but I just don't want to get it and regret it. I'm still making my mind up about this.

Tencel utility shirt | 
I have a shirt like this now but its getting a it old. I like the look of this one and I like the fact that it has pockets. I also think these style shirts look okay on me, I feel comfortable wearing the one I have currently so I might have to get this one as well. This is in the sale for £25.

Denim skater skirt | 
I really love the look of skater skirts but I just don't know if they would look right on me. I like the look of this one as I think it would be good for the summer. This is in the sale for £20.

I know that might not have been the most riveting thing for you to read but I wanted to show your some of the items I like from Simply Be and let you know about the sale.

Bye for now xxx

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour | Review

Today I'm going to do an album review. Its very rare that I find an album that I virtually fall in love with, on most albums there are always about three and sometimes more, tracks that I just don't think are great and wish that they weren't on the album. Thanks to spotify I have been able to listen to the Sam Smith album, I can hear you all now "But that that album was out ages ago", yes I know I'm a bit late to listen to the album but the truth is I just don't normally have the patients to listen to the full album. I'm going to do a track by track review simply because I think this album is like perfection, gold dust in my ears and I cant think of anything else to say, so I think its time to get straight into this review.

Money on my mind |
I really love this song, its got such a great beat behind it and the lyrics are just really great. To me this song really makes me think of youtubers, that sounds weird but let me elaborate. They don't make videos for the money, they make them for their viewers and the love they get for it, to be honest the moneys just a nice little bonus.
Favourite lyrics |
 I don't have money on my mind I do it for the love.

Good thing |
I love the start of this song as I think the instruments used really set the tone for the song. I just really love all the lyrics, it talks about how to much of  good thing wont be good any more. Even though you love someone, if they don't love you or its a bad relationship then the good thing just becomes bad.
Favourite lyrics |
Although you made my heart sing, to stay with you would be wrong.

Stay with me |
This song has become one of my favourites, it has such beautiful lyrics and you can just hear the passion in Sam's voice. This song sounds like its about how he needs his partner even though what they have together isn't love, he just needs them.
Favourite lyrics |
 I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Leave your lover |
This is one I have had on repeat for god knows how long, I think the acoustics at the starts really set the tone of the song. I think the lyrics are relatable to a lot of people and I can relate to some of the lyrics, I think that's why I love it so much.
Favourite lyrics |
Oh, I'm in love with you and you will never know,
But if I can't have you I want this life alone.

I'm not the only one |
The start is really good and is a very good beat. I like this song because its talking about how someone you love and trust would break marriage vows, but lie about it. I think this is great because  some people have been in situation's like this and it must be horrible.
Favourite Lyrics | 
For months on end I've had my doubts
Denying every tear.

I've told you now |
I do like this song, there are just other I love more. I think this is a really great song and the music behind the lyrics just has an amazing beat
Favourite lyrics | 
Why should I resist when you are there for me?

Like I can |
I am in love with this song and have been for some time now, I think its just so powerful and relates to so many people. I think everyone has had this though at one point in there life and I can sing this at the top of my lungs, loose my voice and still attempt to sing it. I have a love for this song for so many reasons, I think the lyrics are so relatable for me personally and I can listen to this on repeat for hours.
Favourite lyrics |
 We both have demons, that we can't stand
I love your demons, like devils can

Life support |
Again I love this song, I think its such a beautiful song and is filled some great lyrics.
Favourite lyrics | 
This is my world, this is my choice
And you're the drug that gets me through

Not in that way |
Another amazing song on this album, I think this is sung with such emotions and is again so relatable. I think the lyrics are very clever, with how they are written and that's what I love. These lyrics "You will never know that feeling, You will never see through these eyes" is beautiful. To me its saying, you cant see how much I love you and you never will.
Favourite lyrics |
I'd never ask you, Cause deep down I'm certain I know what you'd say. You'd say I'm sorry, Believe me I love you, But not in that way

Lay me down |
I think this song is very powerful, there are certain lyrics that sound like they could be related to suicide. The line "Don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight". I might be reading this all wrong but that's what I got from this song, I think it is a very good song about the power of love.
Favourite lyrics |
No words can explain the way I’m missing you
Deny this emptiness, this hole that I’m inside
These tears, they tell their own story

Restart |
I love this song because I love the music behind the lyrics. I think this is a great song for so many reasons. To me this about getting over someone and how he's getting on with his life. I think this is such a great upbeat song.
Favourite lyrics |
You keep coming back for me when you're the one who tore us apart
And the truth is I'm better on my own
And I don't wanna live in the past

Latch - Acoustic |
I love the piano into on this song, it eases you into the song well. I feel like this song is about endless love. I think it basically him asking for a chance, because you know your only complete and happy with this one person.
Favourite Lyrics |
You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around

La la la |
I heard this song a while ago and really enjoyed it. I think this song is about
people who are feeling hurt when people constantly put them down, you just have enough and don't listen to it. You realise there words are nothing and are unimportant.
Favourite lyrics |
I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning off the volume when you speak
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,
I'll find a way to block it

Make it to me |
This is the last song on the album and one of the best, I love all the lyrics in this song and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I feel like its talking about someone looking for love, they just want to be loved and to love someone with all there heart.
Favourite Lyrics |
You're the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete

I hope you liked that, if you did feel free to share it on twitter or anything you like. I know I didn't go into that much detail, its hard to put into words what a song means to you as everyone has a different view of it. I just love how out of this unrequited love Sam Smith managed to get himself four grammy's, its just goes to show that out of that heartbreak he did something amazing and shared what everyone feels at some point in their lives, in the form of a best selling album. I cant wait to hear more from him.

Bye for now xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

GCSE Revision tips*


So at this time in the year most kids in England will have started or are just about to start taking there exams. This isn't just for people in the UK, I just don't know when other countries take their exams. Enough rambling, basically I wanted to give you all some revision tips and exam tips that I picked up when I was at school.

I left school nearly two years ago now and I know just how stressful exams are, the amount of revision seems unbearable and its not really the thing you want to do. But don't stress, with these little tips and tricks hopefully it will make it a little bit easier to revise and it make make your exams less stressful.

So the subjects I did at school were as follows | 
English language, English literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, Art, Textiles, ICT and Sport.

Now in England (I don't know about other countries) some of the subjects incorporate coursework into your final grade, this means that you can do a good portion of the work without the stress of an exam. I found coursework much easier because I didn't have the stress that I only had a certain amount of time.

The only subject I did that only relied on an exam paper was Maths. In maths you get two papers, calculator and non calculator. I need to stress the importance with the maths exam. You don't just need the right answers, you get marks for showing your workings out. Even if you don't know the answer please attempt the question and at least try to work it out. It doesn't matter if you get the answer wrong, if your workings out are right then you will get marks so always attempt the question. Now normally the last 1/4 of the papers are the hardest in Maths. You might be super smart and understand it, but for me this was the hardest part. My only advice would be to not panic. If you really don't know just write down any number that you think of because it could be right.

For all my other subjects there was an element of coursework. Art, ICT and Sport were all coursework based which was very helpful to me. For those of you who might not be familiar with this, coursework is basically a collecting of essays or work. In sport there were a lot of sheets to fill out and a few PowerPoint's to make, I didn't pick to do sport but they made all of my year do it anyway.

 For the people who think art will be an easy subject, think again. I loved drawing and painting before taking this as a GCSE but when your using your work as an exam piece then it gets much harder. Its not just drawing a picture, you have themes to work around, you need to have a very detailed theory piece with each picture and you have to do a hell of a lot of artist research on artist that there is not a lot of information about. I also had days where you planned out you final piece and spent the day in silence creating the masterpiece (or pile or crap in my case, I was never that good at making things).

ICT is one of the easiest things I think there is. You just get a lot of tasks to be done on the computer but you need to make sure you screen shot everything, you will be sick of the button by the end but the more units you complete the more GCSE's you will get. I did most of my work for ICT after school with a few classmates. I managed to get all my ICT coursework finished months ahead of the other people in my class which meant with permission from my teacher, I could do coursework for other lessons during my ICT classes.

For all the other subjects you had to do coursework and exams so I'm going to give you some little tips that you might find helpful.

Revision |
I always found it useful to look at past papers. Ask your teacher or look online at the last two years exam papers. A little hint our teachers told us was that if for the last two years the topics had been similar then they would probably be different this time. Make sure you know a good amount about each topic that could come up. You need to be prepare for anything they have, also past papers will help you with revision as you can see the types of questions they ask and how they word them.

Print of all your revision information and turn your computer and phone off. The amount of times I got distracted by twitter or facebook is to much to think about. In an exam hall you won't have any distractions so why would you revise while on twitter. Make sure you focus on your revision as you could miss something really important.

Time table |
Plan a revision time table. Look at your exam timetable and then work out a revision plan. If you have a week of science exams and nothing else then spend the majority of your time going over science. I would still advise do a little revision for everything ting just so it stays fresh in your mind , but make a revision timetable so you know what to focus on more.

Take a break |
Make sure you take a break every now and then, you don't want to spend hours glued to a revision book without relaxing. Now when I say relax I don't mean put the book down and take a nap, I mean a little 5 minute tea break. Its important to keep your mind awake and refreshed and I used to switch off if I revised for to long.

Revision cards |
Make little revision cards for each subjects and put on there key dates, important facts or even scientific compounds. Its easier to take in information some times if its in short little points. Also you can use theses with your friends to help test each other on what you know. Heres a link to some cheap blank revisions card on Amazon

Coursework |

Give it your all|
My first but of advice is to give your coursework everything you've got. It might seem like a waste of time but for some subjects coursework can be worth up to 60% of your final grade so if you get the high marks on coursework then if you get a low mark on the exam it could all balance out to a decent grade.

Teachers and mark schemes |
Make sure you have a good understanding of what you need to do. I found it really helpful talking to my teachers and asking for the marking scheme. This sounds cheeky but ask them because than you will know what they look for to award the high marks. Just to let you know the mark scheme doesn't give the answers, it just says how much detail you have to go in, the type of grammar they want to see. Work through the sheet and make sure you do everything its looking for, don't just look at the high marks. Make sure you do everything it says. Also its a good idea to ask your teacher to read it and mark it, this will help you improve your work as you know what to do to get a higher mark.

When you get the coursework, do it! |
I was and still am a big procrastinator and that why I cant stress this point enough. I used to put it off for weeks and rush to so it a few days before it was due in. Granted we did some coursework in lesson time but there are some bits you need to do at home. The minute you get the coursework tasks, go home and start it. Its easier to get things done as soon as you get them because by the time you come round to doing it, you might have 5 other pieces of coursework to complete.

Save, save and save again |
If you are doing coursework on the computer then make sure every five minutes you save the work, the amount of times I had been writing pages of work and my laptop died. Its so important to make sure that you keep all the work saved and in a place on your computer that you can find it. Make a folder on your computer called school and then make a folder for each subject, this will make it a lot easier when it comes to sorting out your coursework. Oh and make sure you name the coursework properly, I know we are all guilty of doing work and just called it " iuhgv 3ecjfwoa"  because we can't be bothered to type out what it is.

Speaking coursework |
I struggled at lot with this coursework as for my English language coursework, 10% of it involved speaking in front of people. This is like my worst nightmare. I learnt very quickly that no one else is paying attention to what your doing or saying. Everyone else is stressing about their own speech they have to make, just go up there and focus on a friend. I asked my friends to spread themselves around the room so that It would look like I was talking to everyone when I was actually just directing my presentation to people I trusted.

Now for my French coursework I had various speaking tasks. These weren't in front of my class but were recorded just in front of my teacher. Now you have to remember a lot of stuff and it doesn't really help that its in another language. I found that writing out the paragraph helped, I made sure I learnt at least one a night until I was able to recite the whole thing. Also when it comes to doing it, make sure you speak slow enough to be understood, not to sow but not to fast. I also found that putting the words to a song helped. If you can make the words go in time to a song you like then you can think of them as lyrics, this really helped me as I could just use the music in my head to speak along to.

Exams |
Now my exams were done in the sports hall and I found them more daunting than anything else. I want to share with you some of the things I did to make them easier, little tips and tricks to get the tops marks and things to remember.

Breakfast |
This is a really simple thing but make sure you have a filling breakfast if your exams in the morning, if its in the afternoon then make sure you have a filling breakfast and lunch. This might not seem important but if you don't eat anything then you might get a headache and you wont be able to focus if your feeling ill. Also the amount of times my stomach rumbled really loud during exams was to much to handle. It was just so embarrassing.

Clear pencil case |
Get a clear pencil case and put at least three black pens and three blue pens. Three pencils, a ruler, coloured pencils, sharpener and a rubber (Eraser, I'm only adding this as I know in America the term rubber is used something else and I can assure you, you wont be needing one of those during our exams, haha). You don't want to take one pen and it run out half way through your exam.

Turn of your Phone alarms |
Make sure all the alarms on your phone are off, the phone's on silent and take the battery out if you can. Either give the phone to the exam people (The one's who walk around the room to make sure your not cheating) or put it in your bag. If your phone goes of then you can be disqualified from the exam.

Go to the toilet |
Even though you can go to the toilet during the exam, make sure you go before you go into the exam. If you go during the exam then you could waste precious time that you really need.

Go to bed early |
Make sure you get a decent nights sleep before every exam. You don't want to fall asleep at your desk and it will also help you to focus more.

Your name |
Its pretty basic but make sure you remember to actually put your name on the paper. If you forget to do that then you could get an A* but they wont have a clue who's paper it is.

Don't waste time |
Look though your paper and decided what's going to take the most time, then allocate a certain amount of time to each question. I found this really helpful as I just moved on, even if I hadn't finished a question because if you can spend more time on a question that gives more marks then you can always come back to the questions at the end if you have time.

Plan |
If you have time then for each question make a small little plan, stating what points your going to make. This is something my English teacher told us. Basically if you run out of time on a question then you might get some extra marks, because in your plan you've said what points you were going to make. It seems like a tiny thin but if the person marking it can see that you knew something else they were looking for then they might give you an extra point.

Marks |
Look at the amount of marks that could be given, this gives you an indication of how much detail you need to give. If the most marks is only three then don't send ages on a really long answer, they are only really looking for a well structured paragraph with the right answer. If you could get 12 marks or higher then make sure you have a lot of paragraph's and valid points to make. My teacher told us to think of twelve points that related to the answers, so so if you had a question like "What was the most effective civil rights movement and how has that impacted the society we live in today?" (This was a question in my history exam, its not work for word but it was along those lines), you could talk about all of the civil right movements and mention key dates, discuss how each of them are equally important but use fact to state why one was definitive. You know what I mean.

Don't be afraid to cough or sneeze |
This sounds so stupid but in exams I never liked to sneeze in case I got told of, that was stupid. No one is gong to moan at you for sneezing or coughing so don't panic about little things like that.

Use all the time |
If you finish with twenty minute's to spare then go over that paper until the times up. You might see little spelling mistakes, punctuation that's needed or you might be able to add something more to a question's. If you really don't know the answer to a question then just take a guess. Start writing and it might come back to you, if not just write anything you can think of as you never know, it could be the right answer.

Well I really hope you found that helpful in some way. There may be bits that I have missed but I know i would have found something like this helpful during my exams. Please let me know if you are doing your exams, what do you worry most about or even if you've done them already then let me know your revision tips.

I wouldn't normally ask but please tweet this post or share it with people you know. I know a lot of people are about to start their exams and if you think this could help then in anyway then it would be lovely if you could share it.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's on my iPad

I wanted to do a what's on my iPad. I keep more on here than what I have on my iPhone and wanted to share it with you, I will list all the apps I have just in case any of you want to know.

So as you can see I have my lock screen which I have my Alice in wonderland picture. I saw these on eBay and I going to be getting myself some soon to put on my wall, I like a good quote and this is to remind that I cant go back to yesterday because I was different and its in the past. My iPad has a password on it, I'm not that silly to leave it unlocked for everyone to use. When you get into my iPad I have my home page which i like to keep clear of clutter. I just keep my iMessage, app store and face time. I keep Google chrome and my clock at the bottom. I use chrome on this because I find it better to use than safari.

On the second page I have all the stuff I use on a day to day basis. I have the video app which has all the usual bits and bobs in. I categorise most of my apps so it doesn't look to cluttered. I have my watpad app on her, I don't write stories on it but I am reading "Voldemorts daughter" which I am surprisingly enjoying. One of the blocks I have is for candle apps. I love a nice candle and I don't like using all mine, so I like to have an app to put on display sometimes.

As you can see I have the art and games blocks. In the art block I keep the apps, sketchbook, art set and brushes. I don't use these that much but I love to draw and its nice sometimes to do sometime on my ipad, I use my stylus when I do any art on here because its much easier. In the game block I keep the games I don't use that often. As you can see, I do like snooker so I have a nice little selection of games, I have 8 Ball pool, Pro pool 2015, Pro snooker and Pool. I also have a golf app called Pro feel gold and the torchwood app.

Here I have my music and productivity blocks. In my music block I have four apps, two of which aren't available on the app store any more, it think they got taken of being they probably weren't aloud, but hey if its on the apps store then I think that's okay. That is also the reason why I wont be deleting them any time soon. I also have the music app that's on every apple gadget. I also have spotify. I don't use the productive block, its just for the apps I don't really use.

Like I said previously, the productivity app has the apps I don't really use. In the lifestyle block I keep my eBay app, gumtree and safari.

Here I have another lifestyle block and the currently playing block. In the lifestyle block, which I need to rename, has all my interior design apps. I love interior design and I spend hours creating the perfect kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. The apps I have are home design gold, homestyler, magic plan and home design. The homestyler app connects to the website where you do the designs, it shows you a gallery of what you have done. In the currently playing block I keep all the games I use all the time. In here I have Minecraft PE, Lego Harry Potter years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 and Sims freeplay. I love the Lego games as they are really good, you can do all the spells by making symbols on the screen and you play most of the scenes in the film. My favourite part of the game is playing as Molly when she's duelling with Bellatrix.

In this block I keep all my photo editing apps. I only really use one of these apps to do my ediditn. I have Rhonna, Pic collage, Pic jointer and Instaeditor. The only one I really use is Rhonna. This app is brilliant and helps me create some great typography pictures for my blog.

Bye for now xxx