Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day | Meh!

SO today is valentines day as most of you will know, I wanted to blog about it and just have a nice little chat with you all. As like every other valentines day I have been around for, I will be spending today alone, probably listening to the Sam smith album on repeat but don't worry, I shall be compiling my reason on why valentines day might not be as great as people think. So if you are alone this Valentine's day and want to feel better about it, put on some cosy pyjamas and slippers, grab a tub of ice cream or tasty snack of your choosing and read one. This will be a slight jokey post, its nice if you have someone to spend the day with but for the people who don't and want to think of anything else then I hope this will bring a smile to your faces.

It's expensive | 
The amount of products on the market just for valentines day is ridiculous, chocolate shaped like heart, roses made of chocolate, bunches of red roses that will die within a week and teddy bears stating how much someone loves you. I wont lie to you, if someone I loved came up to me with all this I would love it, but as I am lonely I feel I can be bitter and continue to tell you why its a bit over the top, haha. I just feel like you should have to spend loads of money to show someone how much you love and care about them, money cant buy love.

Just for one day |
I don't like the idea the people have about valentines day, how its a day to me romantic and buy extravagant gifts to prove your love for someone. Surely its better to be romantic throughout the year, be spontaneous and don't just make an effort to be romantic for one day of the year.

Annoying facebook status |
The annoying facebook statuses with people say "OMG, 1 week with my boyfriend today. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love him so much xxxx Happy Valentine's day" followed by the cringy reply from the boyfriend "Love you so much baby, 1 week today happy valentines day".  Pass me a bucket "Vomits", I cant stand it when I see this, its like you've been together a week and the week after they break up.

Cheesy romantic comedy's |
I guarantee cheesy romantic comedy's will be played the entire day or weekend. I'm not a big lover of soppy romantic films the rest of the year, I don't want them on repeat on valentines day. I plan to watch Hot Fuzz and then spend the evening watching YouTube videos whilst scrolling through tumblr.

I hope you liked that post, like I said earlier it was supposed to be slightly jokey so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you all have a nice day whatever, sending you all a big internet hug.

Bye for now xxx

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