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TV shows I grew up watching |

I have wanted to write this for so long now and I have spend a very long time making a list of shows that I loved when I was little. I cant work out if I'm a 90's or a 00's child. I was born in 1997 but I remember watching shows with my older sister which were from the 90's. I feel like programs were much better when I was growing up and I wanted to share them with you, I also want you all to comment to tell me some of your favourite shows from your childhood. 

Here in the UK the main only free kids TV channels there are, are CBBC, CBeebies and CITV. When I was little we didn't have channels like Nickelodeon or Disney because they cost a lot more and we didn't have sky. Saying that, sometimes shows from the channels we didn't have were sometimes shown on the ones I mentioned. I also had a lot of videos of shows so I watched some stuff that was on a few years before I was born.

I did a mind map of most of the programs I watched but its missing a lot, I will list all the shows as well and tell you about some of my other favourites. 

Mind map | 
The worst witch.
Potamus park.
Fireman Sam.
Bear in the big blue house.
Jungle run.
Bob the builder.
Mopatop's shop.
Story maker.
Shiny show.
Art attack.
Andy pandy.
Rolie Polie Olie.
Dick and Dom in da bungalow.
Rosie and Jim.
My parents are aliens.
Big cook, little cook.
Even Stevens.
Power puff girls.
Get your own back.
Tots TV.
Tracey beaker.
The hoobs.
Mona the vampire.
Grizzly tales for gruesome kids.
Chuckle vision.
Slow Norris.
Polka dot shorts.
Clifford the big red dog.
Hider in the house.
Come outside.
Lizzie McGuire.

Not mentioned in the mind map | 
Angelina Ballerina.
Bernard's watch.
Drake and Josh.
Hilltop hospital.
Sabrina the teenage witch.
64 Zoo lane.
The Basil brush shows.
Bits and bobs.
The cramp twins.

As you can see from this I watched a lot of great TV shows when I was little, this looks like I spent my days watching telly. I promise you I didn't do that, remember this is a collection of shows I watched from the age of about 2 - 8 so its not that bad. I'm going to tell you about my favourites because if I explained all of these, then we would all be here for an awfully long time.

Jungle Run | 

This was the show that everyone including me, wanted to go on. Basically a trio of children would be placed in a jungle (It took me a while to realise it was just a set and it wasn't real) and had to run around completing challenges to ear silver monkeys, these were worth 10 seconds of time in the temple. I always got excited when the got the ruby statue, this got you an impressive 20 seconds. When they had done the challenges they went to the temple where they would put all there statues in this stone and the belly of the giant monkey would open, they had to go in and complete four challenges and collect the 4 monkey statue's in order to win the prizes. If you weren't out of there before the belly closed then you were stuck in there (It also took me years to realise that the children got out and weren't just left to rot in this pretend jungle temple, I was a slow learner.).

My parents are aliens | 

I was obsessed with this program and was also watching the repeats. Basically two aliens, Brian and Sophie, crash their ship and morphed into humans They went and fostered Mel, Lucy and Josh from the children's home so they would blend it. I really loved this show because it was just really funny and still to this day I find it really amusing. After about six years they ended the show but then brought it back with never characters, it was never the same and luckily they just cancelled it.

Mopatop's shop | 
 Mopatop's shop was brilliant, it was about a large green muppet named Mopatop and his red duck friend Puppy duck. This was a shop where you can buy anything you could ever think or dream of and they always had great fun. Me and my mum were talking about it the other day and we found it funny how no one ever paid for anything, Mopatop just sort of gave it away.

Tots TV | 
If you know the tune to the next sentence then you are brilliant and like me you can still recite the whole them tune. "I'm a tot, je suis's a tot...". I loved this when I was little and I thought it was the best thing ever. My favourite character was always Tilly and I thought there little cottage was so cute. 

64 Zoo Lane |
This show was really cool and it was about a girl named Lucy who lived next door to a Zoo at 64 Zoo Lane. Every night she was told a story by the animals. The theme tune was something I had no choice but to sing along to, as there was a really long note at the end that I would always try to hold. It was the part in the song where it goes "and the last ones Georgina, who's incredibly taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Ive added all those letters for affect, the word tall has never in history gone on for that long. If you have clue what I'm on about then go and look on YouTube.

The hoobs |
When I was little this show was on at 6am in the morning and I used to wake up when my dad got read for work and watch this, I really loved it and to be honest I wish it was still on. I used to get up at 6am because I wasn't tired and watched the hoobs, I never get up that early any more. The hoobs were muppet like things that In each episode, would try to find the answer to a question by asking humans and learning some pretty cool stuff.

Tweenies | 
This was the best kids show ever! I loved this so much and had loads of tweenies toys, it was basically a nursery which only had four children in it and it was the best nursery ever. My favourites were always fizz and Milo and I thought that Bella was a bit to stuck up for my liking.

Drake and Josh | 
This was shown on CITV and I loved it. I always had a little crush and Drake but found Josh very sweet. I would have to say though, my favourite character was Megan simply because she knew how to play her brothers and I just found her really funny. My favourite episode has to be the one where this is said "Are you calling me a liar? I ain't calling you a truther".

Fimbles |
This show was adorable and I always wanted a fimble, I thought Pom was the best out of them all. Saying that Roly mo was also pretty call with his storey's. I also realised when I was little, that if you licked all the ice-cream of a twister lolly then it looked like Pom. 

Rolie Polie Olie | 
I thought this was really cool when I was little and I could have spent hours glued to this show.  I think it was because most of the furniture had eyes and were alive that made it really fun

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into the shows I grew up with, leave a comment below with you favourite shows. It will be interesting to see if other countries had some of the shows I mentioned shown.

Bye for now xxx

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