Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 | Dream journal

Last night I had a dream which seemed so real that it was a little scary. I was at centre parcs with my family, it was like I remember it but some bits were  out of place. We had to walk through this tiny underground tunnel to get to this quirk gift shop, I was with my cousins and this women who owned the shop was being so cruel to them for looking at things. I got into this massive argument with her, I just couldn't believe she was being so cruel to them and I felt a need to protect them. After all this had happened we went into the burger restaurant, when we went inside it looked like an abandoned factory, it was cold and had loads of different doors.

 I got separated from the family and got swamped by people from school. We were lined up waiting, I had no idea what we were waiting for, my friends (well the group of girls I hung around with at school) we all there but they weren't' speaking to me, other people I knew we there and they were chatting to me and we were having a laugh. It all seemed so real, after that we were all walking through this area that had the design of an aquarium, it had no fish in it but it just had that shape, you know what I mean. Next thing I know two of my old teachers were arguing and into a fight, my old PE teacher ran past me and punched me in the face as he went past. It was really odd and slightly scary, someone I knew then came up to me to check if I was okay and sat with me for what seemed like hours in my dream, we just sat and talked and I cant tell you how nice it was, considering this person was someone who I didn't know from school it just seemed fitting that the only person who was actually concerned about me was someone who wasn't even meant to be on the school trip. 

The next part of my dream saw me and this person running through this creepy forest, someone was after me. I don't know who it was or for what reason but I was terrified, I was crawling through all these bushes desperate not to be seen, I remember making a really loud noise and when this person was coming towards me in this angry rage something distracted them and I wasn't the main issue anymore, after that I was on my own and I was so panicked as to where my friend had gone, I was alone and scared. After being trapped in this forest I was suddenly in the old fashioned living room with really ornate furniture, but I was borrower size and walking across the top of the beautifully carves wardrobe, I had to creep around without anyone noticing me, this person came into the room and as soon as that happened I slipped and was left dangling from this wardrobe, I lost my grip and as soon as I fell I woke up.

As per usual I looked on dreamforth and had a little look to see if it could give some meaning to my dream. "To dream of hiding indicates the safeguarding of a secret or escaping or postponing a confrontation. You might end up confessing when threatened" I think that maybe this could me the fact that I hide my blog, I don't want my family to know about this, I'm not ashamed or anything but its so nice to have something that's just mine, something that I can write all my thoughts and opinions on that no one else wants to listen to. "To dream that you are in school indicates that you sill harbour unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth. You may feel insufficient and unable to perform a task to the best of your ability. You may be experiencing some sort of divine revelation" recently I have been thinking a lot about my school years and situations that I look back on now and see that I wasn't really taken seriously and I might do a post about that soon. "To dream that you are small and everyone is normal sized implies that you feel vulnerable and worthless. Maybe you aren't being recognised for your talents and achievements", this is just my life summed up in one sentence to be honest, but oh well. I shall be back soon to no doubt ramble on about another dream I have, please comment your thought and opinions and let me know what types of post you would like to see.

Bye for now xxx

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