Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The music tag |

I saw this tag over on Bria Lou's blog which I think you should all go and check out as its one of my personal favourites. I was really excited to do this post as I spend the majority of my time listening to music and finding new incredible artists. I'll stop rambling now and get on with it.

Favourite band/musician of the moment |
I would have to say Sam Smith, I have fallen in love with his album, In the lonely hour. I think his voice is filled with so much raw emotion and passion for his lyrics and its so refreshing to hear songs that people can relate to. 

Band/musician you always come back to |
I would say that band I will always come back to is McFly, I've been a huge fan of them for years and I always go back to their albums for comfort. I am going to also say that the musician I would come back to will always be Adele. I love Adele so much, her lyrics are incredible and she just sings with such passion.

Favourite song of all time |
Somewhere only we know by Keane. I have a reason for this and it brings back a really good memory for me which no one I know will remember, its just really special to me.

Most embarrassing song in your iTunes/music library |
Where do I start?
My itunes is full of embarrassing songs but I love to have a listen now and again to show how my musical taste has changed dramatically. I have just had a little look through and by far the most embarrassing song I have is Automatic high by S club junior. This is the most cringiest song I've listened to in years, I urge you to go and look at the lyrics. This is so cringy considering that S club junior were like 13 when they did this..........I need to deleted this song.

Favourite CD/Album |
This is hard for me, I have a very big music collection and listen to really old stuff. I love the Sam Smith album but then again I love the Meghan Trainor album. My all time favourite is Adele 21 and that was a very tough choice. My itunes has over 130 Albums....just itunes. That's not even taking into account the spotify albums.

Favourite album art |
Florence and the machine - Lungs.
I love this album and the album art is just brilliant. I do have some other favourites but I think this one just looks so cool.

 Favourite movie soundtrack |
This is between Lion king and Beauty and the beast...Oh god I just thought of frozen as well. And now Aladdin! This is a hard one for me, I'll say the beauty and the beast album just because it was one of my favourite films growing up, but just know that I also love the Aladdin album so its a mixture of the two. 

First concert you ever attended |
McFly and I loved it.

Has your music taste changed over time |
A little bit I guess, I think I still love the music from when I was little as it was like the soundtrack to my childhood. I would say that I've got more into artists like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran simply because I know like to look for music that I feel I can relate to in some way. As I'm writing this I'm listening to S club 7's album (Do anyone remember them, I thought they were the amazing when I was growing up) because I'm just that cool. I like to think my music tasted has changed but I still love songs from when I was younger as it brings back little memories that I can relate to the songs.

I really hope you enjoyed this tag, let me know in the comments if you are planning on doing this tag and send me the link so I can pop over to your blog, be very nosey and maybe get some new music to listen to.

Bye for now xxx

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