Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mug collection for the dream home

So as most of you know, I have the deluded idea that one day I will be able to afford my dream home. I have everything planned out for it and I have an extensive mug collection that some may say is getting out of hand. I am partial to my tea and hot chocolate so I love a good mug to drink it from. 
I know this will be one of my incredibly boring posts but I just really like mugs and cups and its one of those strange things I want to share with you. So I hope you enjoy this quirky posts and by the end of it you will think I'm a little bit mental and I'm fine with that. I'm sure these will all look beautiful in the cupboards of my dream kitchen. In the dream home of which I will never be able to afford.


My Hogwarts glass from the Harry Potter studios. I love this glass and I think its just really cool. It has all the house logos printed around the glass in a frosted grey colour. 

My beloved doctor who mug. This is by far on of my favourites although its quite small.
It has the silhouette of the 11th doctor which is of course the fabulous Matt Smith. They sold these especially for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary and had one for each doctor. On the back it has the first and last line that doctor said, unfortunately it doesn't have Matt's last line as he was the doctor at the time. I really want the David Tennant one but they don't sell it anywhere, so a little note to the BBC shop, please tell me where I can find the David Tennant  mug, thanks.

Onto the Disney mugs and I'm starting with my Tinkerbell mug. I really love this one as its my favourite colour and its the perfect size for a nice cup of tea. My mug got this for me from the Disney store a few years ago and it has been my favourite for a very long time.

My "ombre" sleeping beauty mug was purchased by accident. I got someone to get it for me but it was supposed to be this one. I like it but from the ombre mug collection from Disney if I was going to get one I would have got the belle mug.

I really love my Minnie mouse Mug. I think it is such a pretty design and holds just the right amount of tea.

When I say these I just had to have them. I love the design and I have a weird obsession with Minnie mouse, I just love her and I had to get Mickey as well. I justified this purchase on the fact that I couldn't spilt the two up, it would just be wrong in so many ways.

My love for Alice in wonderland is quite strong and I fell in love with this mug the minute I say it. I love quirkiness of the design and I love the stacked tea cup look. It is a little small but its nice for when I'm not to thirsty.

Tinkerbell is another little love of mine. I used to love her when I was little and I love how her face is raised out of the side of the mug.The inside is a lovely teal colour and its such a big mug. Perfect for yummy hot chocolates with fluffy marshmallows.

This was a very expensive mug for me, I still love it though. I loved all the princesses when I was little and this just brought back a slice of my childhood. I think the detailing on this is absolutely gorgeous and the gold handle...I cant even express my love for this.

I got this Lumpy mug when I was about 8. My dad got it for me because he broke something of mine. I think he broke my "Bratz rock angelz" mug, yeah I was one of those cool kids who had to have a Bratz mug. It came with a little lumpy teddy in it and I just really love it. 

Like the sleeping beauty mug, this was a very expensive mug for me, I think the detailing on this is absolutely gorgeous and the gold handle...I cant even express my love for this.

The Disney collection is quite large now, after looking at them I now realise I probably have enough. I saw this one in the Disney website and well, one thing led to another and the next thing I know it was in the shopping basket and on its way to me.........It just so pretty, come on I mean the little bird on the handle is just so cute.

I got this one from Morrison's for £2 and I just love the design and think its very "Homely". 

I got this one from Morrison's as well for £2 and I just love the design and think its very "Homely. I think this would look so cute in my dream kitchen.

I got this from paperchase when I met Zoe Sugg. It was only £5 and I really wanted one of these jar/cups with the lids. There just so......tumblr.

My mum got me this years ago and on the back it says something about my name. This is one of those sentimental things that I hope to have for a very long time.

My aunt and uncle got me this about a year ago. You all know my love for McFly and I just had to have this mug, its a shame its a bit small.

I don't know where I got this from but just think its a pretty design. I don't use it that much but I'm sure it will look beautiful in the cupboards of my dream kitchen. In the dream home of which I will never be able to afford.

These glasses where from Wilkinson's. I got them in a set of four, you get two of each design. I really loved them glasses, mainly for the one which has all the names of different drinks circling the glass. I think its such a cool design and I though they were really cheap. They were £4 which I though was such a bargain for the set.

What can I say. I love a Starbucks and when the women asked do I want to buy a plastic cup apparently I was sold on the idea. I'm ashamed to say that I have a cardboard sleeve from Starbucks that I kept so I could use my cup an feel like I actually have Starbucks, just between you and me there's normally only tetley tea in it. 

I needed these. Theres not much else to it apart from the fact that I loved the design and I thought they would look cute in instagram pictures.

This to me feels like the worlds biggest mug. I got it from ikea and I'm not even sure if it was a mug. I think it was a decorative plant pot...What! It had a handle and was huge, I needed this to fit a lot of tea in. This is a staple for me when I'm writing. I need a lot of tea to keep me focused and this is the perfect size.

Well to Whoever got to the end of that post, I applaud you I truly do. I know that was a very random post and no one was remotely interested but by now you should all know how weird my blog posts can get, I guess I have no blogging filter. I will write about anything.

Bye for now xxx

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