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Monthly Favourites | February 2015


Beauty product:
I've changed the make up part to beauty products, I think I can talk about a lot more products I have been using under beauty instead of just make up. I have been loving the No7 Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser. I really love this product and I have been making sure I use this at least once a week. This says that its been created to provided tailored kin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin. It certainly makes my skin feel and look a lot healthier. It comes with a muslin cloth which you place over your face when your have applied a small amount of the product. After about 10 minutes you use the cloth to gently polish off the cleanser. I really love this product because you don't need a lot of it, this has lasted me a good few months. I feel like it leaves my skin feeling a lot healthier and looking a bit better.

Lush product;
I used the my lush hedgehog that I got from the Christmas range. I really loved the product but I could use all of it because the smell was a little strong for me, it was nice but certain scents give me a bit of a headache. I loved how moisturising the water felt when I used this products and it made lovely bubbles.

What if?  I watched this film a few weeks ago and loved it. I loved the acting and the character's were really well developed. I particularly loved the story, it explored the thought of best friends becoming more than that. Can you fall in love with your best friend and if so, would it work. I did a review of the film because I loved it so much. I think there needed to me a film made about this, I know there probably have been but I think this really applied to my generation and I loved Wallace's character because he has a brilliant dry humour that I think really works for the character.

Velvet crunch crisps. At the start of the month I attempted to start my diet, I lasted a day which is further than I've got in a while. I love to have snacky foods so these velvet crunch crisps were perfect, they were low in calories and fat. They were also my favourite flavour, sweet chilli. I also wanted to talk about a drink, I like to call it apporange. This is just one of those weird little things I thought of, basically its equal parts apple and orange juice. I really love it and I think its tastes amazing.

TV series;
I have been re watching all of torchwood this month. I used to watch it when I was younger, I was about 8 or 9 when I started watching it. That seems a bit young but I loved doctor who and because I knew it was connected with it, I wanted to watch it. I really loved torchwood and I loved re-watching the series. I cried several times during series 1 and 2. Am I the only one that wanted Owen and Tosh to get together. I found it really funny how when I was little I didn't understand a lot of the references they made which were more aimed toward adult, it was just really funny that I understood what they were referring to. I love all the character, specifically Owen, I found the character really funny and I cried like a baby when Owen and Tosh died. (Spoiler Alert!). I really love how this is a much more adult version of Doctor Who and I think the acting is incredible. I'm just watching children of earth now and I'm loving it.

Tanya Burr's 'Love, Tanya'. I read this book withing a few day and I loved it so much. SO much of Tanya's personality shines through in this book and I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy. I think this is a great book even for people who aren't a fan of Tanya, it talks about things like love, confidence and even baking. I did a review of the book if you want to find out what I thought, I would write it here but I could go on for hours talking about how good it was.


Giovanna Fletcher | Channel | Twitter Blog
Giovanna has been in my monthly favourites a few times now and I needed to put her in my favourites again. I have been loving her Australia vlogs. She's been in Australia with Tom and the rest of the McBusted family over the past few weeks while McBusted have been touring with One Direction. I have been loving her vlogs because she takes Buzz on days out and she just does chatty videos. I love how her and Tom have shared Buzz with the world by posting videos with him in, its really weird that I remember them uploading their pregnancy announcement video and now we get to see Buzz giggling and interacting with Tom and Gi. You can see just how much he adores his mum and dad and they are just a little perfect family. I think Giovanna is a brilliant role model and I cant wait for her next book.


This has been a difficult one to pick this month. There have been some great songs I have been listening to like Meghan Trainor's 'Dear future husband'. I'm going to choose Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding and Popular from wicked. I think both of these songs are just brilliant and I have had them on repeat for hours. 

My black jeggings. I know this is really weird but I lost there months ago and I found them a few weeks ago, I love my jeggings and I'm really happy I found them.

Baking. I have been baking a lot this month and its something I want to do a lot more of. Also I have been obsessed with going to Disney Land. I have been watching a lot of Disney vlogs this months and I really want to go, I cant afford it but it wont stop me dreaming of going.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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